My friends and I visited 14 different churches in the south today for Bisita Iglesia. It felt extra meaningful to me because 1) we were doing it together and 2) we were doing it together FOR THE LORD. It’s nice to see how we’ve matured through the years, not just physically and emotionally, but also spiritually. God really never fails to surprise. 🙂

Excuse the failed attempt at a collage.

We discussed something while we were on the road this morning, which pushed me to write this entry you’re currently reading. I’m not really going to say much about it, just that it reminded me of a question I was asked recently about what I would like to change if I were to be given a chance to go back to the past. I’d obviously stand by my “I wouldn’t change a thing ’cause I wouldn’t be who I am today blahblahblah” cliché answer but sometimes I find myself wondering what my life would be like if I hadn’t let go of some things. Or if I let go of this one thing that was obviously bad for me. Sometimes I find myself wishing I was mature enough then, or had the courage to give chances, experiment, etc. But I guess God knew I wasn’t ready. I’m actually not sure if I already am at present. Probably not. Either that or the “perfect” opportunity still hasn’t presented itself.

Actually, there are currently no presentations happening. Lelz. Or meron pero wala rin. Hassle. :))

Can we start over?
Maybe if you asked…
Are you ever going to say hi?
I’m sorry.
How are you?


How’s your Holy Week so far? I’m breaking my no internet rule by posting this but eh. I needed to release.

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