“Window or aisle seat, ma’am?”

Welcome, welcome to another year at Hogwarts in my life.

It was only 10 months ago when I came up with Lunchbox Escapades, and now here I am again in my new home on the interwebs. Much apologies for yet another move but I’ve been thinking of switching to WordPress for the longest time and now I finally have the chance to do so, primarily because we’re already discussing WordPress migration in one of my subjects in school. Also because I haven’t posted anything over at my old site in exactly a month.

I’m actually still having doubts about whether or not this is a good idea. I’ve been reading about the pros and cons of WordPress over Blogger and what I got from that is that WordPress is better, just that it’s not as easy to customize as Blogger JavaScript-wise? One other thing is that I think, since this is a self-hosted blog, each entry that I make and all the media attached to it will be occupying space in my server. I’m not even sure whether I want to keep this domain once my contract ends, or that all the attached media will be included once I export this blog and move it to a free WordPress account. If only WordPress would allow me to redirect without having to pay $13. Sigh. Anyway, I guess the one thing I want from this switch is the viewership — how you get to reach more people but at the same time, have full control over who gets to see your posts. Any WordPressers out there who’d like to shed some light on this situation (and maybe completely convince me that this isn’t a bad idea)?

As you can see, I’ve now also changed the title of my blog. Here are the reasons why:

1. I realized Lunchbox Escapades makes my blog sound like a foodie blog. And it’s not. (But it can be!)

2. I’m not really sure whether I’m going to import the contents of my old site here. I’ve attempted that a couple times but the entries’ layouts always come out horrible. Being the obsessive-compulsive freak that I am, I can’t have that. I’m also too lazy to edit everything.

3. Whenever I travel, I always choose the window seat, whether on the plane, or the bus, or a car. I like being able to see where I’m going and observe the things that go on around me. Yesterday, I realized that my love for the window seat can also symbolize my goal of being open to new things and experiencing what the world has to offer. You know the term “window of opportunity”? How about the old adage, “when God closes a door, he opens a window”? That’s exactly what I’m talking about!

So here’s to window seats change and new things. Hello to fellow WordPressers out there! And to my old readers, please update your links! 🙂

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