I’m ready! I’m ready! :D

I am so excited for 2013! Although I know it’s just psychological and I can basically start anew any old day I want, I have a thing for exact dates and new beginnings. Like, whenever I want to start (and fail) at a new exercise routine, I always start on a Monday. I get thrown off course when I start on a Tuesday or a Thursday. Just like when I don’t like eating using mismatched utensils… or reading a to-do list that already has a lot of its items checked off. OMG I AM A PSYCHOTIC PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR OKAY.

(In total fairness to me, I am slowly getting over the mismatched utensils thing.)

Ready for 2013!
Ready for 2013!

ANYWAY, just like Spongebob, I’M READY! I’M READY! So ready for 2013! I’m already slowly building my dreamboard and I’ve already gotten a new planner: a Slate Planner! 😀 I’m yet to deface the cover like I did the 2012 one. XD Actually pretty bummed I couldn’t get a Navi Planner this 2013; I liked the space for writing but I kinda hate the whole garter thing on the side so… yeah. But anyhoo, I’m sorta glad I didn’t get one ’cause the Slate Planner’s pretty awesome! Such cute doodles and trivia, and new websites and stuff to discover monthly (or as I turn a page — but I don’t want to spoil myself, LOLZ). 😀

Still in the process of creating my usual year-end post. Hopefully I get to finish it on time. For now, I shall leave you with another playlist I made, this time for New Year’s Eve! It’s happy and dance-y and majestic at some point. 😀 I hope you like it! 🙂


  1. Good luck with your new year! I’m sure you can, in another quote from Sponge Bob, “Bring it around town,” and accomplish your hopes and dreams for 2013.

    1. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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