“I don’t want a lot for Christmas…”

… there are just 5 things I need:

Traveller’s wallet
Slate Planner
Apple earphones
Long wallet (doesn’t have to be LV! lol)
Physical copy of Sponge Cola’s new album, District 😀

Hello! I’m back! But only to post this wishlist for the benefit of those friends who don’t know what to get me for Christmas. *wink wink shove shove* LOLZ.

Kidding. But not really. I’m going to blog about this awesome (?) month soon. Just have to finish this site I’m working on and afterwards, I will be a free house elf! WOOHOO! #WebDeveloperProblems

I hope you’re all doing great! I’m sorry for being MIA for a long time. This term has been cray cray! I promise to post something more substantial soon. Hihi. Merry Christmas in advance! 😀 (I honestly hope I get to blog before that day comes!)

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