The HOW TO SERIES makes a comeback!

Back in 2007, before the dawn of Tumblr, I came up with animated GIFs entitled The How To Series. Basically, it was just me acting silly, playing with the burst shot feature of my camera, chopping the pictures into 16 separate parts, animating them in Photoshop, and passing them off as legit guides to life. I only got to make two before completely forgetting about them. Hee. Here they are. [Note the braces. :))]

Lesson # 1

Lesson # 2

I made another one today, except in comic strip form, the reason being that I only remembered I had a how-to series when I was thinking what text to write on the first and last boxes. Hee. I’ll try to come up with another one of these GIFs in the future, if you want. For now, this will have to do. XD

Back story before anything else: The city of Las Piñas recently passed the NO PLASTIC rule. I’ve always considered myself a bit of an environmentalist, so imagine my delight when I heard this news! Finally, no more plastic! Hopefully, if people get annoyed with their paper bags accidentally tearing apart, they’d start bringing their own canvas bags. Hee.

One of the biggest advocates (supposedly) of this rule is SM. Today, I was at SM Southmall shopping for toiletries. When I got to the counter to pay for my stuff, I handed the lady my canvas bag so she wouldn’t have to place the stuff I bought in a paper bag. I thought she’d already understood but no! Before putting my stuff in the bag, she wrapped them with paper first and I was all, “Really?” This has happened a couple of times already so I guess I can safely assume that this is standard protocol??? If it is, can you please tell me what the point is?! Why sell canvas bags if you’re just going to wrap everything anyway? Why have a NO PLASTIC rule? Do you seriously think that replacing plastic with paper is going to save the environment? What, ’cause it’s easy to dissolve? It’s more biodegradable? Well guess what, that’s not exactly the case!

I can think of a few points SM can raise to defend themselves:

1) We need to make sure you bought the stuff and not just shoplift it. Counterargument: You have guards stationed outside every entrance/exit of your department store. Ask them to check the receipts before the customers leave the premises, or better yet, install store alarms at every entrance/exit. Gee. What’s the point of being the largest retail operator in the Philippines if you can’t afford one of those?

2) The saleslady was probably new. Counterargument: MAKE SURE THAT YOU TELL THEM ABOUT THE CANVAS BAG CAMPAIGN BEFOREHAND! Place a sign on the counters to remind them!


<happy place>

Anyway, here’s Lesson # 3 for all those who have to deal with paper packaging. 🙂

How To Beat SM's Counterproductive Ways



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  2. Thinking more about this entry, I feel I need to say something about Filipino society in general. Dito kasi, no questions asked if I were to walk out of a store na hindi naka-supot (plastic or paper) ang purchased item. I can just have the items and then a receipt. For as long as ang mentality ng Pinoy is that of “baka maisahan ako ng kawpa ko” or “baka magnanakaw yan” you can never fully remove the thinking na kelangan purchased items must be wrapped in some form of store-provided container. Do you know what I mean? For sure department stores, supermarkets, and other retail stores have their environmental responsibility but so do consumers, right?

    1. I totally get what you mean. But I think that’s another (bigger) issue altogether, di lang para makalamang (i.e. poverty). O__O I guess right now they should just brief their new hires about customers and their eco bags. Minsan kasi nagpapaka-robots nalang din yung mga cashier.

      1. Oh and my friend said, she’ll forward on the the Department Store and that bako malamang ang saleslady. Siya kasi hindi na niya talaga pinapabalot.

        1. YAY!!! This always happens in SM Southmall. In SM Makati, though, hindi, so yay!!! Yes please! Hahahaha.

  3. Interesting. I should forward this to my friend who works for SM’s Marketing Department. Would you like me to?

    1. Will they ban me from SM if you do? If not, I say go! LOL.

      1. We’ll wait and see. LOL.

  4. nicely done. yesterday, when i bought a shirt in Giordano, i told them not to wrap it anymore and they were ok with it. well, i did wear the shirt on the way out, but i think it depends on the training of the staff? 😛 ehehe

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