Always: A Decade of Pinoy Harry Potter Magic

When you tell someone from “the outside” about a Harry Potter party, they will probably think this:

From Google

Or worse, this:

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But no, actually, it was more like this:

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But slightly better ’cause it was really like this:

Hello, spot the hot(s)! I’m in the back row, LOL.

It’s been a week since the awesomest party that was Always: A Decade of PHP Magic. I’ve been trying to delay writing this entry in hopes that the right words would come that would fully give justice to how amazing the event really was. But, alas, I am still stumped. And I’m actually tempted to just dump more pictures here and hope that you’ll be able to interpret it all by your onesies. Kahit ano na, before I become lazy and forget about writing the whole thing altogether!

I guess I’ll just start by saying that the event went by faster than you can say “Quidditch”. Maybe because a lot of time and effort was put into planning it and the party was done in 4 hours or so. Or maybe because it was really SO FUN that I didn’t want it to end just yet. Either way, it was bitin.

Anyhoo, I honestly had no idea what was going to happen on the day of the party, save for the musical and the awarding and the game (just because Headmistress Cherie asked me to make a PPT background design for that beforehand). I also didn’t know how the place was going to look like. Imagine my excitement when I finally laid eyes on the Great Hall:

Good job, Jovan! 😀
Thank you, Magnavision, for lending us these! 🙂

It wasn’t just the Great Hall that made me giddy, though, as every possible party element was given its wizarding world equivalent.

Marauder souvenir programmes and name tags colored by house! 😀 [Photos by Joyce]
My stash! I got the Hedwig cupcake, yay! 😀

Speaking of cupcakes, check out the other designs done by The Regali Kitchen especially for our party:

Sadly, this was all that was left of mine and FC’s cupcakes after:

We both posted pictures of our devoured cupcakes on the PHP FB group.
MY CAPTION: I’m sorry, Hedwig (I’m not). I’m really hungry (I am)! Plus, I’ve been waiting 12 years for my damn letter!
FC’s CAPTION: Then there’s Dumbledore, he fell to the floor. His head… came off! Oh well! Sniff.*
(*more on FC’s caption later, LOL)

Aside from these, there were also Every Flavor Beans (Jelly Belly Jellybeans) and popping candy (Acid Pops?) on each table. Our Headmistress also kept using Harry Potter words in her spiels: “Can we get some lumos in here, please?” It actually took a few seconds for that to register, which got our Headmistress to add, “You know, lumos? Light? Sinong nagsabi ng ‘Huh?’, babawasan ko ng points! (Who said, ‘Huh?’, I’m going to subtract points for that!)” Which led me to involuntarily point across the table at Trish. LOL. *Slyth*

We also had our own version of Pinoy Henyo called Potter Henyo.

Check out the background I made! Teehee!

It was especially funny when it was Sean (from Gryffindor)’s turn. His word was POLYJUICE POTION. He already guessed that it was a potion, but he forgot the exact name for it. He kept saying, “Yun ba yung para mag-transform ka sa ibang tao?! (Is that the one you take for when you want to transform into another person?!)” It was so hilarious!

Oh, but wait! I’ve already skipped a whole chunk of the event!

At the very start of the program, we had our prayer, “Hogwarts Song”, and opening remarks from Prof. G — the person whose *awesome financial contribution* made this party possible! She’s in Australia right now and since there weren’t any fireplaces available, we did a video feed instead. Hee.

Now you’re probably wondering, “HOGWARTS SONG? WHAT?” Or not, whatever. But yes, we made a Hogwarts Song. Well, no, not really. It was more of a Harry Potter song. HM Cherie messaged us a few weeks before the ball, asking us to come up with an anthem of sorts. Funny thing was we completely forgot about it until (Gryffindor) Prefect Echo asked us (A WEEK BEFORE) if we already had something planned. We ended up making our own song (a parody of Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night) right after rehearsals for AVSVME. Check out the (incomplete) video:

Ahh, fun times. We’re planning to make an official music video for this. I’ll definitely be posting it here when it’s done. Hee.While Potter Henyo was happening, the cast and crew of A Very Snape Valentine Musical Extravaganza was already backstage preparing for the show. Now, I was planning to write a whole other entry about AVSVME here but I figured it was the sort of event that you would only find funny if you were actually there, so I guess I’ll just give you an overview.The musical’s basically about Snape (duh), with a narrative similar to that of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol — wherein Snape is taken to the past (by Cupid of Valentine’s Past), present (by Albus Dumbledore), and future (by Harry Potter). In his journey, he is reminded of the power of love and his role in defeating the Dark Lord.

The catch? Well, the whole thing’s hilarious, thanks to the script (hello, Dadaf!), direction, and overall awesomeness of the cast and crew. Key things: Cupid of Valentine’s Past’s malaking (big) time turner, Albus Dumbledore’s exaggerated gayness (complete with Filipino gay lingo!), Voldy bringing sexy back in his sexy outfit (LOL), “… Apollo 13 broomstick! ABOT HANGGANG SPACE!”, and the cheesy song and dance numbers! Here’s the BTS footage I got from the rehearsals and pre-play. Love Today by Mika is now our new good vibes song. :))

Some pictures!

Wonwon the rockstar and Lavlav!

Wonwon the rockstar and Lavlav!

The Death Eaters!
Cupid of Valentine’s Past
The Dark Lord and his most loyal servant Bellatrix
James Potter
With Dumbledore and his mop beard :))
Young Lily and Young Severus
Bellatrix and Hermione
The Trio. Hee.

Ahh, fun times #2. Edsel (Harry/James Potter) was right, this was the bestest thing we’ve signed up for EVERRR!

Anyway, lastly, we had an awards portion called the Golden Snitch Awards. Edsel and I hosted first, complete with fake British accents. [FUN TIMES # 3! :))] FC and Rona (Cupid of Valentine’s Past) hosted next, with Rona acting as interpreter for FC’s language that was a mix of Troll, Mermish, and Gobbledygook. (And I thought we had it in the bag! Damn! LOL.) The bestest Muggle school (GUESS WHERE!) prof one can ever have -slash- Defense Against The Dark Arts Prof -slash- Auror Extraordinaire -slash- playwright and director of AVSVME -slash- birthday girl Frankie won 3 awards that night. And rightly so! (Hello, check out all the slashes! XD)

“Of all the awards I’ve received… this is the most recent. Thank you very much!” Best acceptance speech ever! :))

Photo by Joyce

And just like that, it was all over. Sigh. I didn’t even get to abuse the photobooth!

By Shutterhappy Photography

When we got to Nica’s house, my plan was to originally crash and wake up just in time for Pasinaya. But nooooo. I stayed up at least 2 hours more, having Facebook & Twitter conversations with PHP people about the party. WHAT IS CRAZY HIGH? Haha. Fun, fun times!

So did my words give justice to the awesomeness? Probably not. Har. But just think of it this way: Harry Potter fans + Harry Potter party =

Thank you to all the amazing witches and wizards who helped make this event possible! Until the next decade-versary, PHP! 🙂

P.S. You can my PHP party album here.

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