Just wanted to do a quick post to inform you that I’m still alive. I know I haven’t blogged since I left for Singapore; I already feel bad as it is and I don’t want this day to end without me acknowledging the birthday of my favorite fictional character + creator of that fictional character (OMG a day too late):

In line with this, I would also like to inform you that the Hogwarts Philippines Castle is back up, and at its new home, no less! So go check it out! 🙂 We’ve disallowed new registrations as of now, though, since we’re still trying to convince the Sorting Hat to do its job again. It’s been practically spent since the Battle at Hogwarts (one can only cough up swords a few times in a decade!). But yeah, go check out the Castle nonetheless. Hihi.

This was actually what ate up most of my time the past few weeks. Really wanted to launch it on Harry’s birthday so you can only imagine the stress (coupled with post-travel depression). I’ve practically neglected my earmuffs schoolwork. LOL. No regrets, though. I’m glad it’s up. Now I need to sort out my priorities again, at least until the end of this month.

I shall be blogging about my Singapore adventure soon! Please don’t give up on me just yet. Hee.

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