Nakikiuso lang sa mga tao sa Twitter. LOL. (Inferverona, this became a trending topic on its first hour alone. Whuuut. SIYA NA.)


I was supposed to save this blog entry for next year kasi tinatamad ako kanina (joke lang). Pero naisip ko mawawalan pala ng sense yun kasi kailangan ko i-pokpok yung album niyo. Haha. But yes, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YAEL! (Kulit!) Because it’s your birthday and because it’s Thanksgiving in the US (chos!), and because this is MY space, I’d like to say ze following things about you:

(Prepare to be embarrassed. KIDDING.)


Aside from being the vocalist of Sponge Cola and churning out epic and/or heartbreaking songs like there’s no tomorrow,  Yael is also a genuinely nice? interesting? fun? guy. Haha. We’ve been friends for 7? 8? ang daming question marks? years and I only see him once a year (twice, max!) but I consider him one of my closest friends. Why?

1) Because we share the same sense of humor. Well, no, not really. Bordering on philosophical na minsan mga jokes niya eh, hahaha! We both like puns, though, and we’re both sarcastic, I can tell you that. XD

2) Because he’s the person I call whenever I need outside advice, especially about “boys” (kailangan yung quotation marks, promise). :))

Le first time I saw him again after going into remish!

3) Because he was there when I was sick. He was the second person I told about my diagnosis, but he was the first who stayed positive about it — telling me success stories of his family members and friends who went through the same thing, assuring me that I would come out successful as well. He was one of my cheerleaders, counting down the days to when I finally went into remission. “How are you? 3 more to go! EZ as PI!” He was there when I needed stupidity laughs, just because the sadness (and the drugs) were (possibly literally) killing me. He was there when I felt alone.

Okay, emo time over. WHEW.

4) Because he’s one of my musical inspirations. #chenes!

5) Because he is a smart-ass and he doesn’t tolerate stupidity. “Lawyered!”

I jelly over the Mickey Mouse waffles. 🙁

6) Because he be my dorkiness buddy! He’s the person I fangirl to about traveling or Disney stuff! He also fanboys over the dorkiest things — Lost (he went through a Boone hair phase), Miley Cyrus (wag mag-deny, don’t tell a lie! HAHAHA!), and most recently, The Hunger Games.

SPEAKING OF THE HUNGER GAMES, do you already have a copy of their EP, District? Kasi ako wala pa, hahaha! Well, you should! It contains 7 outstanding tracks. Watch out for the song Twelve, kasi, wala lang. It’s awesome. If you like it, you should share it para it will CATCH. FIRE. LOL.

Click here to purchase the whole album online!

To those who don’t believe in the album’s epicness, here is proof:

Woohoo, congrats, boys! 😀

Oh, yeah: 7) He watches New Girl and did a Schmidt in their new video! PARKOUR!

He and his band deserve all the recognition they’re getting right now. Tibay nila, grabe. Buhay pa sila sa OPM apocalypse (OPM IS UNDEAD!). Hihi.

So there. Laking segue nun, I don’t know how to end this now. LOL. I guess all there’s left to say is THANKS FOR BEING AN AWESOME FRIEND, YAEL! Although I still kind of hate you for saying that Harry Potter isn’t real literature, I will look past that because I know that deep inside you have taste, and that if you read the whole septology, you will fanboy about it too. (PINILIT TALAGA?! HAHA!)

I hope you’re having an awesome day so far! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 😀

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