“I know we’ve come so far but baby, baby, we’ve got so far to go!”

Hello people of the world! I am back again for another dump-blog! Teehee. Things have been pretty hectic the past few weeks, what with school and all the extra-curricular activities I’ve been undertaking, but everything’s been spectacular and as usual, I am here to share!

I posted this on Facebook last week:

It makes me pretty happy to see that I’ve done so much already in just the first quarter. It’s definitely a far cry from what I’ve done last year. Like really? Just work? Thank God for New York! And oops, I haven’t blogged about Pasinaya in detail yet. @_@ (I probably won’t anymore ’cause the feeling’s gone and I just can’t get it back! If you could read my mind… LOL).

Anyway, last March 24, some Pops alumni and I performed for Eliezer — Lasallian Youth Orchestra’s major concert and Sir Eli’s last concert as the orchestra’s conductor. After weeks of practice, finally, everything was put into motion.

© Ken Koo

Sir Eli actually only asked us to sing this for the finale:

But we could not, of course, let him leave DLSU without showing our appreciation. So we came up with a surprise medley which we split into two parts — the Concert Band(ish) generation singing Sir Eli’s favorite OPM pieces, arranged by Kuya JC Magsalin:

And ours (the last generation, LOL) singing Sir Eli’s gig standards + the last song we ever sang as the DLSU Pops Orchestra, conceptualized by Erik Ilacad and arranged by Bert Niverba:

Can you spot me? Lelz.Sir was definitely pleased with this part. You could see him in the front with a huge smile on his face. He also stood up out of shock when he saw the Super Alumni, because although he knew there was going to be a surprise, he didn’t know who was part of it. Hee. Good job, guys. XD Seeing him that happy made everything worth it. 🙂

[edit] I almost forgot! We also had a Whitney medley. Check it ooooouuuuut!


We also handed him a “check” and the Pinaka-Award, with a changeable “pinaka” part, depending on Sir Eli’s mood. Teehee.

One of the pinaka options. XD
Chichi with the Pinaka Award. XD © Ken Koo

Chichi with the Pinaka Award. XD © Ken Koo

I couldn’t really comment much about this concert ’cause I’ve never really seen it in its entirety, but from what I’ve gathered from the technical rehearsal, it had the right elements for a “last SOMETHING” concert. It was definitely reminiscent of Encore, with the first part showcasing the talents of the orchestra’s current members, and the mid to last parts giving the audience a glimpse of the orchestra’s history and how Sir Eli has helped shape each and every member, some of whom have gone out to pursue music professionally.

Take Surreli Jazz Ensemble (see what they did with the name there!), for example:

Ate Cess (vocalist) is now a regular on ASAP (ABS-CBN’s Sunday noontime show), Master Kuya JC (bassist) plays the double bass for Manila Philharmonic Orchestra, Kuya Gabby (drummer) plays the drums for Project Fusion, and Kuya Caloy (guitarist) went to pursue music abroad after graduating from DLSU. All of them claim to have gotten to where they are because of Sir Eli and Pops. Check out Ate Cess’ story here.

By the way, speaking of Ate Cess, I absolutely loved her spot singing Part Of Your World! Kilig to the bones! XD

Anyway, there, it was great! I got to meet new alumni and I got to perform onstage again (maybe for the last time). Congratulations, LYO! And thank you for allowing us to perform with you. 🙂

Lastly, to Sir Eli: CONGRATUMALATIONS TO YOU and THANK YOU for everything. Para na akong sirang plaka but I really have to stress that without Pops, my college life wouldn’t have been as colorful. Thank you, Sir, for accepting me even though I clearly wasn’t that good when I first started. I also had so much performance booboos but you were never one to point it out. You always supported all of us and provided us with opportunities to do better. Kumekembot na raw ako sabi ni Ate Rona! LOL. Hindi ako magiging as bakla or as confident as I am now if it weren’t for you and Pops. So thank you, from the very bottom of my heart. ♥

© Ken Koo

Like what this blog entry’s title suggests, we’ve got so far to go. Last schmast! Hehe.

View more concert videos here!

MOAR PICTURES! (Thank you to everyone I stole these from! I dunno who anymore! @_@)

With the bakla Vocals girlies! I LOVE OUR COLORS!
Make-up c/o Ate KA! 😀
The usual post-show picture!
With ze Vocals!
With Master JC (LOL this really has to be here)!
With Ate Cess and Moku (LOL, this too!) [Thank you, Kim Jardin, for the photo!]
Pops alumni photoshoot. 🙂

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