Cray cray Abby is at it again!

I’m pretty pumped right now! I just finished reorganizing my labels so I could make the new navigation bar work (check it out on the left side)! The default Labels widget honestly annoyed me. The spacing and alignment were just so off! So yay for the new navi bar!

It actually took me a while to tinker with this one. I did the whole navigation in Photoshop and just as I was getting ready to map it, I realized I didn’t know how to anymore. Last time I did any sort of mapping was for our old class site back in high school (hello, that was six years ago). And back then, I had, what? Photoshop 6 or something? And I used ImageReady to map the dang things (and also to make animated GIFs, zomg)! Right now I have CS3 and it’s all, “Haha, Abby, I’m all grown up and mature now! You will never get me! Mwahahaha!” Well too bad for you, CS3, ’cause I just did. PWND!

NOTES: Adobe Fireworks is the new ImageReady. CS3 is Photoshop + ImageReady + a whole lot more! Flash is better and easier to learn now that Adobe has acquired it (or so my prof says — we’ll find out soon enough).

Yesterday, my Web Design prof and I had a discussion about site content. I asked her if it was still possible to import the entries from this blog to my new domain. (Yes, I have one now, omg. It’s for school but I might still continue using it in the future.) Anyway, she said something about RSS and I said something about iframes and she said iframes are already obsolete so omg basically my HTML 1.0 knowledge has been reduced to HTML 0.5. x_x

She then tells me about her site and how she does reviews and how she’s currently going through her old blog sites and slowly transferring her entries to her current domain. I was all, whut, I couldn’t do that. First of all, my blogs have no continuity whatsoever. When I leave a journal and make a new one, it’s because I want to start completely anew. My numerous blogs basically chronicle different phases in my life (which I prefer not to look back on). Hopefully, though, this will be my last blog migration and if I ever decide to permanently move things to my domain, I would still be keeping this.

Makes me think, though, of what this blog has slowly been shaping into. When I started, I said it would be like a Happiness Project -slash- Mini Adventure blog. Unfortunately, I think it’s starting to be like my old Multiply site again (I won’t even bother explaining what that means). One thing’s for sure, though: I want to talk about more substantial things. And maybe incorporate things that I’ve been learning in school so far (notice how the navigation has a DESIGN part, ooh).

Why don’t we start NOW?

So one of my resolutions this year is to discover (at least) two new musical artists every month. For January, I discovered Esperanza Spalding and Locksley. Two things: 1) OMG ESPERANZA SPALDING IS SO AMAZING, NO WONDER SHE BEAT JUSTIN BIEBER AT THE GRAMMYS! and 2) I love Locksley’s Be In Love album the best. And because of that, I created this:

Google,, and

I’ve grown quite fond of the Quick Selection tool since our prof introduced it to us in Digital Media class. That has always been one of my frustrations — cropping out people/objects and placing them on top of a different background. Since I was self-taught in Photoshop, I was crap at this so I never attempted it. Instead, I made up for it by using the Eraser with 0% Hardness. Served me well for almost a decade. XD

Anyway, to put all the things I’ve been learning to use, I came up with this challenge for myself — to create a new album design for every new artist/album I discover. I’m not exactly fond of making reviews ’cause I feel like my words don’t do the music justice so instead, I’m going to turn my feelings into design. Better, yeah? Hee. Locksley’s Be In Love oddly reminds me of traveling, New York, and Disneyland, so this is my (girly) take on the album art.

Tell me what you think! And if you could also suggest new music for me to listen to, that would be great! 😉

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