Coming Full Circle

It’s amazing how priorities and goals can change over time. It’s extra amazing for me since for majority of my life here on earth, I never really had solid goals or ambitions. It was only until recently that I decided to plot them out. Don’t get me wrong, I was always a go-getter, but my goals were mostly just short term and easily achievable.

Back in elementary school, we were always asked what we wanted to be when we grow up. Most of my classmates would give standard answers like doctor or lawyer, or maybe engineer. I was never one of those people. My answers back then were always so out of the ordinary, like flight attendant (like my mom) or singer, or marine biologist. There was a time when I felt so out of place after seeing my seatmates’ answers to the Guidance questionnaire that I decided to change my dream job from “singer” to “doctor”. Wala lang, para I belong. Haha.

In high school, we were once again asked what we wanted to become, since that was going to be our basis for choosing what course to take in college. I was very much inspired by our Physics teacher then, and I was performing so well in Physics class that I actually thought of taking up Applied Physics. Imagine that. I also considered taking up Computer Science ’cause I was so into web and graphic designing back then (I’d never heard of Multimedia or Communication Arts!). In the end, I took up Psychology, because my family told me it was the practical choice, since all industries needed Psychology majors. I agreed, of course, since I really didn’t know what I wanted in life and Psychology seemed like a perfectly safe choice. Plus, I was only really after getting into the university choir. Yes, that was really what I was after. I am so good at prioritizing! Haha!

College. I found my course interesting so I stuck with it. That, and I didn’t want to go through all the hassles of shifting, although I kind of imagined myself taking up Communication Arts. That was irrelevant, though, since my number one focus back then was my music org. I didn’t get into the university choir because I chickened out and didn’t audition. I auditioned for the pop orchestra, though, and I had the time of my life (still am). College was my renaissance period and I’m glad I chose what I chose ’cause if not, I wouldn’t have the awesome friends I have today.

Pre-graduation, my goal was to get into a company and become a Super HR. Graduated, bummed for a few months, and found out I had cancer. Goals were put on hold and the only priority then was to fight to stay alive. Won the battle, moved on with my life, but remembered what I discerned while I was going through that tough time — don’t plan too much; listen to what God wants for you, take life in stride and let things fall into place. I still plan, though, just because I’m obsessive-compulsive like that, but I don’t anymore get disappointed when I don’t get it. It rarely happens that I don’t, anyway, but I try to consult with Him first before doing anything drastic or setting a big goal.

So anyway, when I went into remission, I started looking for a job. I got one and it fit my delayed goal of “getting into a company and becoming a Super HR”. It didn’t seem at all like I imagined it to be. Corporate life is a doozy. Either that, or that industry I entered was just so hardcore. No regrets, though, ’cause that’s when my priorities became more concrete. That’s also the reason why I am where I am right now, studying web design like a sir (who would’ve know that my HS semi-dreams would come true?).

I only have one term left in school before I go back to the real world again. Guess what I want to be in a few months? I don’t want to jinx it but the clue is in this blog (entry’s) title. Any guesses? 🙂

It’s amazing how priorities and goals can change over time. What you thought was so important to you back then suddenly doesn’t seem as important now. The things you said you would never do, you do now, maybe even more than you should… The friends you thought you couldn’t live without then are suddenly strangers at present.

Change. Really the only constant thing in this world.

Also, don’t you just find it fascinating, the concept of cause and effect? I can’t even.

I don’t really know why I wrote this entry. I guess I just wanted to put it out there, just in case I need to remember. I hope it made sense, though, and that you could relate to it. If not, you’re free to point out just how weird I am. 🙂

Singapore entries soon!


  1. *clap, clap* Wala akong masabi. 🙂

    1. Hi Prof. G! I think I lost my point midway (as always! But yeah, just placing my thoughts on ether. :))

      1. Nah, it’s cool. Stream of consciousness posts are always good. They’re usually the best ones. 🙂

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