Broadway Appreciation Post

What? I like appreciating things! Haha!

Anyway, today, October 14 (LATE PUBLISHING TIME ALERT!), marks the 1-year anniversary of the day I got to meet Daniel Radcliffe in person. If we gunn’ be technical, I really met him October 13, 2011 at 11PM, New York time, so that makes it October 14, 2011, 11AM in the Philippines. Haha! (I’m obviously just making up excuses to mask the fact that I missed the correct time for posting this, LOL. This doesn’t even include the fact that I watched How To Succeed in October 11 and just re-stalked him October 13. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I promise to stick to just one date from now on. What date it is, we’ll find out next year! LOLZZZ.)

Find me! LOL.

It’s been a year! I can’t believe it! In that span of time, Dan got to release one scary movie and film at least two more movies after that. My man’s a workaholic devoted acteur, I tell you! Not to mention, getting amazingly better at his craft. Did you know that in his whole run in Broadway, he did not miss ANY of his 30 previews and 315 regular shows? If that ain’t professional, I don’t know what is! He deserves his throngs of fans. And the awesome thing is he appreciates them just as much as they do, him.

My cheesy conversation with the boy who lived brings me endless happiness. 🙂

Anyhoo, last year’s New York experience left me hungering for more. If you’ve been following this blog (or my Twitter), you would know that I was in New York again just last month. This time around, I stayed for 9 days and watched 2 shows: Potted Potter & Chicago.

TBH, I was supposed to watch Potted Potter with the Slytherins of Hogwarts Philippines (at RCBC here in Manila). But then my original idea of going to the US in September was pushed forward to late August so I could fully maximize my school’s supposed sembreak. So yeah. No regrets, though, definitely, ’cause I got to watch the original creators/cast of Potted Potter in New York, along with Potter fans from all over the world. XD

That day’s “trash”. Hihi.
Hipster-ized version of this experience, LOL

Lemme just say that that show was beyond epic! There was never a minute where I found myself NOT laughing, it was so crazy! I loved the fact that some parts were improv ’cause you get to see just how amazingly funny the actors are. I especially loved the Quidditch part. The kid volunteers were so game!

I was unfortunately sorted to Gryffindor. Blergh. :))

I tweeted @pottedpotter after the show (’cause they asked us to!) and I got a reply back from none other than Daniel Clarkson himself! *fangirl squeal* If you don’t know who he is, he’s the guy who plays “everyone else” in this video:

This was how our conversation went (FANGIRRRRRL ALERRRRT!):


Here’s a video of them doing 2 books in 10 minutes. TEN GLORIOUS MINUTES AND STILL SO GOOD :))

Anyway, aside from Potted Potter, my cousin and I also got to fit in one other show: Chicago. I wanted to watch Wicked, originally, but I spent all my money shopping in Jersey a few days prior so wehwehweh. Chicago tickets sold out for much cheaper, plus the promoter girls on Times Square were pretty hilarious, ALL THAT JAZZ-ing all over the place while handing out flyers. LOL.

It was fun! (But then again, Broadway shows are always fun!) I never really knew the story of Chicago, I just knew some of the songs because we sang them in Pops and because I came from a high school that did Broadway musicals. I also know that it was made into a movie starring Catherine Zeta-Jones. Aside from that, nothing. So you could only imagine me gaping at the wonderful Tracy Shayne and Terra MacLeod (who played Roxie and Velma, respectively), and the amazing chorus in their risqué outfits, accompanied by a full brass band, all on a very unassuming set. 🙂 I absolutely ABSOLUTELY loved their rendition of We Both Reached For The Gun. It was so fluid and flawless. Har.

So there. That was my 2012 Broadway experience. I still hope to get to watch Wicked someday… and maybe another show of DanRad’s when he decides to go back to Broadway. XD OR OR OR MAYBE WE CAN WATCH A WEST END PLAY WHEN WE GO TO LONDON IN 2014. #dreams

More New York blogs soon! Thanks for reading! 😀

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