Bilib talaga ako sa’yo, Pilipinas! :)

Indeed, I am so amazed at the humor of my countrymen. Despite the torrential downpour, walking (swimming?) through floods, and possibility of catching leptospirosis, we, or shall I say, they still manage to find a way to laugh everything off.

I don’t exactly know the reason behind this phenomenon. I have a theory that it’s because we’ve been through so much crap already as a nation (dating back to the Spanish regime) that our go-to reaction whenever we are let down is to just laugh it off, let it go, and hope that things will get better. Another theory is that it’s what our religion basically preaches (the Philippines is predominantly Catholic). Following God won’t make your life easier; in fact, it will make your life on earth harder, but the rewards in heaven greater. That’s what I love about my religion, it caters to the romantics. It speaks of love, patience, and perseverance. Which is kind of what we need right now. [And I will stop here because I do not want to further its connection with the rain. #InsideIssues #NoOpinionOnThisMatter]

The current state of things. Armageddon much? (Click image for source)

Here are a few funny pictures circulating on Facebook. A glimpse into Filipino humor. XD

SHOKOY ALERT! (Click image for source)
Save the dogs! SO KYUHT! (Click image for source)
This Patrick meme will never get old. :)) (Click image for source)

Stay safe and positive, Pilipinas! 🙂

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