A Very Potter (Few) Weeks

A lot of Potter things have happened this month apart from the ball. Lemme enumerate!

01. While I was watching Smash last week, I saw this:

Daniel Radcliffe’s How To Succeed poster in the background! Just! What! I LOVE SMASH. :))

02. In the March 2012 issue of Candy Magazine, you will find this:

Yay! 😀

03. I auditioned for the Hogwarts Choir and it’s currently judgment round. So far, I’ve received two of these:

As far as I know, there are only 3 judges. SO DOES THAT MEAN I ONLY NEED ONE MORE VOTE??? I am so excited, I can’t even.

04. I’m posting another PHP ball video, just because I found I still have some footage here with me. The video is entitled PHP Ball Happenings but can also be called the following:

– A Very Dadaf video
– Pwede nang stand-up comedian!
– Yes, we accept FC for who he is.


05. FC also posted a BTS video of AVSVME today! Check it out!

Checking my tags, I realized I only mostly fangirl about Harry Potter. I am not ashamed! NOT ASHAMED, I SAY!!!

[edit @ 6:04 PM]

Currently working on school stuff. Just remembered the Emma Watson vector I made a few weeks ago. PEN TOOL IS HELL! Good thing Emma Watson’s so pretty. That inspired me to continue working on it. :))

Yes? No? Maybe so?

I also remembered that I owe this blog two album arts! Will get to that soon!

Back to vectoring! Guh.

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