24 Finds Me

Dahil ako’y nasasabik sa muli mong pagdampi sa aking labi. Pagkat ngayo’y hinahanap-hanap pa rin ang iyong tamis sa tuwi-tuwina… [x]

“Twenty-three, why don’t you come clean? Please don’t be mean. Growing up is hard on me!” [x]

Ay, joke lang, 24 na pala ako. Haha! So I searched for 24 on Google and this popped up. I think it’s pretty apt, given that this year is when I started seriously strengthening my relationship with God. So yeah, I think I’ll go with this. 😀

Here is my birthday post, 11 days too late.

So my birthday week started out a bit grey. I’m not really sure why; probably hormones and the birthday blues. All I know is that I’ve been that way since a few days prior and I only truly got out of that rut the Tuesday I went to Makati to supposedly meet up with my friends for lunch.

I honestly didn’t see it coming. The Saturday before that, over dinner at Soderno, we talked about meeting up for lunch because of *this evil thing we were discussing*. Monday before that, Rona texted saying something like, “Guys, tuloy tayo bukas, ah. Please don’t be late! I pushed a lot of meetings for this.” (So walang kawala! At dapat on time!) The day itself, Rona kept texting a couple minutes prior to “check where we were” (kailangan talaga on time?! HASSLE! HAHA!). I don’t know if she was checking to see where I was so they could get ready or because FC and Mato were also running late. HAHA. Either way, I didn’t notice anything.

I was 10 minutes late (oops, so much for that!) but found that no one was at the venue we agreed upon. I texted Rona saying I was downstairs already. When she got down from the office, she said, “Akyat muna tayo, hi ka muna kay Piyar while we wait for Mato and FC.” So I was like, meh, okay.

So we went to Piyar’s floor to find her. Rona was trying to “ring Piyar’s phone” at the same time to “check if she had gone already ’cause Abby is here”. She “wasn’t there” so we went upstairs to “see Rona’s new office”. (Ang dami nang quotation marks nito!) When we got there, the first person I saw was Rona’s officemate, Ricky, and Rona was all, “Ricky, alala mo si Abby? Siya yung sabi kong may birthday!” And I was all WTF RANDOMLY KAILANGAN IPAGKALAT? Hahaha! And then Rona led me to the small room saying, “Hintayin nalang natin si Piyar dito.”

The room was dark but full at first glance. When the lights went on, I saw Diana, Piyar, Mato, FC, Trish, and Edsel jump up to greet me a Happy Birthday, plus Mike (Rona and Piyar’s officemate), seated with a guitar on hand. My first thought was OH. MYGAWD. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW! 

Well, it was. And they started playing (nag-violin si Mato!) and Edsel started singing God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You and another one of their officemates, Paco, handed me a bouquet of flowers and just. OMG STOP GUYS. *Abby melts into a puddle of cheese* Obviously, I started crying (I also have an embarrassing video c/o FC). After that spectacular performance, they started giving me gifts and explaining why they gave such gifts.


Yummy cake c/o Diana! 🙂

Sir Daniel van Woofenstein c/o Edsel (Yes, this dog has been knighted!)

The book of good vibes c/o Trish! Fangirls know what fellow fangirls want. 😆

Artista handwriting ever!  (Sobrang saya ko lang when I devoured these, BTW!)

Ehem! Sana sa August tayo manood! LOL. <3

New dresses + Hallows necklace c/o Rona! 🙂 Thank you for helping me rebuild my wardrobe!

We had lunch after (so that really happened, LOL).

Forever my Sunshine <3
(Kailangan may picture. Boyband eh!)

That was very, very awesome of you! THANK YOU GUYS! I love you so much!
(Na-gansa ako! Hassle! Hahaha!)

My actual birthday was also quite awesome, despite my being stranded in Taft earlier that day due to the heavy rain (and the absence of an umbrella on my part -_-). Trish, Diana, and Jeion came over for game night and we had a group Skype sesh with Mark and Tami. Tami cried, it was so cute. But yeah, it was like we weren’t in different parts of Asia. Technology can be so amazing sometimes. 🙂

Birthday Skype Sesh!

My mom cooked some yummy spaghetti, while Jeion brought over some pizza. We played a couple rounds of Monopoly Deal (with Mark begging to video tag-team with someone). We also had some ice cream and shared international chika (St. Patrick’s Day! BOOM!). It was fun. I miss them already. 😐 Thank you, Jeion, for sponsoring that birthday dinner! Thank you, Diana and Trish, for coming kahit medj hassle pumunta sa bahay ko. Hee. I love you guys!

Thank you to all those who made an effort in messaging me. I have a list of all the people who greeted me and I was supposed to count to see if they reach 150 (read this theory) but, ehh, it had already gone past that number. Found out later on that there’s actually a SEND ABBY A MESSAGE link on the birthday sidebar, when I disabled posting on my wall. Dang. So much for that. Haha. But yez. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all those who took the time to greet me! You guys are fantastic. You started my 24th year with a bang and totally helped shoo away my bad vibes! <3

Thank You, God, for all the blessings. Thank You for keeping me alive this long. I wouldn’t have thought it possible 2 years ago; I could only truly hope back then. I love You!

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