2012 Mantra: Keep adventuring and stay not a grown-up!

Credit: mamaumbridge.  I found this on Tumblr a few days ago. Totez think it’s my new mantra.

The past week has been crazy (fun) — full of meet-ups with friends, designing, and food. Yes, designing. And yes, food!

[I know I should really learn to compartmentalize my blog entries ’cause I end up dumping a week’s worth of stories in one post… but do humor me one last time by reading on? LOL.]

Anyway. In complete contrast to my not growing up, I’d like to present to you my cutiepatootie niece, Sam. We had lunch last Sunday and I realized just how much she’s grown. Look at this girl playing a game on her dad’s Blackberry and looking all 60s with her new haircut!

Spot the (tissue) artwork she made on the lower right picture. I’m not sure if she created the circle on purpose or not. If she did, oh my, she’s turning into me (hello, OCD! XD). But anyway OMG WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE. Last I remember, she kept talking gibberish. Now, she answers in complete sentences and even rationalizes her own actions! Like whuuut.

That night, my friends and I went out on an impromptu dinner date at Café Mary Grace in Town.

My love for this café in bullet points:
– Their interior is absolutely amazing! It has this warm, home-y vibe that’s perfect for chillaxing! I’d probably hang out there if I ever need extra inspiration.
– Their restroom is perfect for people like me (i.e. germaphobes). Aside from the usual tissue, paper towel, and soap, they also provide you with a toilet sanitizing spray thing — complete with a quaint sign beside the bottle that says, “Thinking of you.” Aww, u so thoughtful! :>
– Their water has lemonsss.
– Their tables are lined with letters from past customers thanking them for their service. Wonder how I can add mine, if ever. LOL.

So yeah, loved it. Also especially because I was with my friends. Aww. ♥

Classic Jeion pose

For dessert, Jeion treated us to Golden Spoon. Yeah, yeah, I bet you’re thinking ‘Why the heck didn’t you have dessert at Mary Grace?’ BECAUSE WE WANTED YOGURT, THAT’S WHY. :))

And OMG, they opened up a P.F. Chang’s at the new wing beside Corte de las Palmas. I’m making a big fuss about it ’cause it’s the same resto we went to at Sherman Oaks Galleria in LA… and they have the exact same facade, too! I told my mommy about it. We might eat there one of these days. Yay! I kind of miss their lettuce wrap. Hee.

Moving on — I started school last Wednesday! So far, I’ve met 3 out of 4 of my profs (the other one was absent). This term, I’m taking up Digital Media, Web Design, and Illustration at this pretty little building (guess where, haha whatizzz vague):

During our orientation, I realized, I already knew a couple of (Photoshop) stuff but omg I still have SO MUCH TO LEARN AND I AM ALREADY SO EXCITED I CAN’T EVEN. For Digital Media class, we’re going to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator (aside from Photoshop [wherein my prof said he could give me advanced lessons, yay!]); in Web Design class — Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, and coding and OMG I AM SO EXCITED FOR OUR FINAL PROJECT LALALALALA!; in Illustration class — oh boy, I know NOTHING. SO THIS SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY FUN. :))

Oh, and by NOTHING, I mean I can’t draw to save my life. Let me show you:

My “About Me” cartoon.
I don’t know why I even placed a copyright at the bottom…

By the way, awkward thing. My Illustration prof (WHO LOOKS LIKE A GOSH DARN STUDENT) entered the room and sat beside me. Earlier, I was told by the person who handled Short Courses that our number had gone up to 5 so I assumed that the girl who sat beside me was the 5th student and I was all, “Hi, are you enrolled to Web Design too?” And she said yes.

And then a few minutes later, she stood up and said good morning, I’m your prof for Illustration class and I’m sorry I had to trick you into thinking I was a student LOLOLOL.


I should stop being so chatty. Wahahahahaha! But yeah, anyway, she’s cool. She kept answering my questions — even the cheesy ones (“What’s your life’s ambition?”). LOL. All the profs I’ve met so far are actually cool. Like I said, my Digital Media prof offered to teach me advanced Photoshop stuff ’cause he found out (when I chatted him up before class [guh, see, CHATTY!!!]) I already knew how to use most of the tools. With my Web Design prof, on the other hand, I shall just sing IIIIIT’S A SMALL WORLD AAAAAFTER ALL, IT’S A SMALL WORLD AAAAAFTER AAAAALLL. :))

I had my ID taken yesterday at the school’s main building. While I was waiting, I read the Appropriate Campus Attire tarp beside the office and I was all, “Oops… so the jeans I wore last Wednesday were inappropriate. MY BAD.” Tss. Dress code. That is sooooo 2008. Back in my day (hahaha), we didn’t even have those.

Gawd, it’s finally real. I wonder if I’ll be getting another Loyalty Award when I graduate from this course? Teehee.

After school last Wednesday, I went straight to SM Megamall to meet up with my PHP friends to discuss our mini show for Hogwarts Philippines’ 10th Anniversary Party. All I can say is that I am SO excited. *sings* It’s gonna be totally awesome!

Also, remember when I mentioned I’ve been designing stuff the past couple of days? Most of them were invitations for the PHP party.

This is one (and probably the most official).
Teaser 1
Teaser 2
Teaser 3 (which I made today)

Anyway, lastly, this morning, I went to my high school to perform with the Alumni Chorale at this football tournament of sorts. It was basically impromptu and we only got to practice for a few minutes that morning. We were supposed to sing the national anthem and an intermission song, but we ended up just singing the former ’cause we went MIA (we were actually freaking out at the Alumni Office, trying to get a minus one copy of the song we needed for intermission). Ahh, fun times.

Le Chorale folks (hello, face!)

And ahh, how my school has changed. My colleagues and I kept going, “Naalala mo nung *insert old look of school here*?” (e.g. Do you remember when the statue was in front of the main building and not beside the new Star Chapel?) #oldpeople

Field and futbolistas
The new gym!
Zobel events will never be complete without Mr. Fried Rice. Hehe.
INDEED. Sign on the window of Piano Room 2 (?)

This mantra works! Keep adventuring, folks! 😀

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