Part 3 Vlog: At the Happiest Place on Earth

AKA the Great Disneyland Adventure (and the trip back to Manille)! XD

California was being its oddly gloomy self the time we visited Disneyland. But it cleared up mid-afternoon so it was all good. 🙂

Going home — Fergie was in my flight (so was the rest of the Black Eyed Peas). XD

*after taking a pic with her*

Me: Are you staying here for a long time?
Fergie: Nah, just a few days then we’ll be going to Hongkong.

*as we were getting off the plane*
*I was wearing my Minnie Mouse headband ’cause I was afraid it would get squished inside my bag*
Fergie: Aww, cute hat!
Me: Thank you!
Fergie: So cute! Minnie Mouse!
Me: *thinking: Wew, she’s so nice! *_**

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