Part 1 Vlog: “I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan…”

Amazing view of the Manhattan Skyline from New Jersey

More pictures behind the cut. πŸ™‚

Is she the cutest or what? XD

View from my Aunt’s condo πŸ™‚
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Rockefeller Center

Broadway billboards in Times Square

Ferry going to Liberty Island

Looking stupid in front of the Wall Street Bull :))

The new World Trade Center building
Spot the Brooklyn Bridge πŸ™‚

We met up with Kuya Joey’s fiancΓ© after our little trip to Liberty Island and we had this conversation.

Connie: Where are you from?
Me: The Philippines.
Connie: For real?! That’s crazy! Your English is really good.
Me: *thinking: Whuuuuut! :))*

Washington Square Arch
Manhattan Skyline in the back πŸ™‚
Times Square from afar πŸ™‚
Just like the movies πŸ™‚
The Dakota

Kuya Benjie: She’s been smiling since we got here! She loves New York!
Mama: No, she just really smiles a lot. She can get away with murder with that smile of hers.
KB: Oh, I see. She can get away with murder, huh?
M: And she’s a Gemini.
KB: And she’s a Gemini? Oh no! Dual personality! You’ll never know what she’s capable of!
Me: *thinking: TRUE THAT!*

I’ve grown fond of Kuya Benjie in the few hours we’ve been together. He acted as my life coach that night. He told me to go after my dreams of studying in New York. “You’ll never know if you don’t try” was his #1 line. I took it as a sign from God. We’ll see what happens in the next few months. πŸ™‚

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