The Usual Year-End Post

So how exactly would you describe your 2011?

Credit: Tumblr

For me, I guess I’d have to agree with what all the Harry Potter actors have said (especially “glue”, LOL whut [I’m sorry I can’t pick just one]). After an extremely dreadful (yet still positively insightful) 2010, I couldn’t have asked for a better year to regain my strength and pick up where I left off.

Below are the top 5 things I’m most thankful for in 2011.


The most important thing to me since 2010, without which I wouldn’t be able to experience all the wonderful things I’ve experienced this whole year. So far, I’ve gone through three check-ups already and each one of them has yielded pretty good results. I’m hoping 2012 would be better, ’cause by then, we’ll start counting consultations by year already. Yay! 🙂

Thank you to everyone who still continues to pray for me. I’ve lost two very dear people this year in their own battles against cancer. And although I sometimes catch myself thinking of the future possibilities with regards to my sickness, I always take solace in the fact that I have you as my support system and God as my Protector. That in itself already makes me strong and willing to take on whatever the future has in store for me. So thank you!


A short-lived one at that (as I only stayed for 10 months). I am still extremely thankful, though, ’cause I got to start-up my career after going on an unplanned break — and with a really good company, too!

Hard at work… not. :))

Thank you for all the lessons and memories. It’s because of you that I learned to grow a (stronger) backbone. Corporate life is indeed a doozy, but I’m glad (some of) you (hello, awesome bosses!) were there to guide me along the way. 🙂


Like you didn’t see this coming early on? LOL.

But really, 2011 has been a great year for Potterheads like me (actually, ESPECIALLY me, LOL). Although 2011 marks the end of the movie franchise, other equally awesome things cropped up to take its place like Pottermore and the Harry Potter Page To Screen book, to name a few. MuggleNet has a pretty concise breakdown of all the awesome HP things that happened this year.

With the Slytherins at one of our roadshows for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2


I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to travel to a couple of places this year. It started with Hongkong in February, Los Angeles & New York in October, Cebu in November, and Baguio in December.

Hongkong Disneyland with my niece (far left), cousin (in red), her husband, and my cutie niece Sam
Disneyland California this time, with Mewypie!
With Daniel Radcliffe after the October 13th showing of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

I can now also say that I’ve met Daniel Radcliffe. AFTER 10 YEARS OF JUST DREAMING ABOUT IT. (Told ya 2011 was a good year for Potterheads, especially me! XD) It also sorta helps that my fangirliness has been immortalized for Dan and the rest of the world to see:

Yes indeed. You can read/watch more of that wonderful week here. [I’m still so giddy about it, obviously. :))]

It was my first time (as a fully-conscious adult) to go to New York and my first time, even more so, to watch a Broadway show. If I could name just one memory from 2011, this would have to be it: New York, New York and everything that happened while I was there!

Wait for me, New York. I’ll be back. 🙂 /dreams

Anyway, last but not least, my two local trips:

Fireworks at Fuente Osmeña in Cebu
Mines View, Baguio

You know what’s funny? The traveling spree started only when I made a conscious decision to go on more adventures. I’ve never gone to so many places in a year! At most, I’ve only gone to three (in a year, that is) and that’s why I’m extremely grateful for the adventures I had in 2011. I wouldn’t have even thought it possible a year ago. Thank You, God! And mommy! And cousins!


It all inevitably boils down to this. Sure, there’s good health and Harry Potter, and Daniel Radcliffe, and Disneyland, and New York, and whatever else! But 2011 wouldn’t have been complete without you, my wonderful support system. Without you and your care when I was sick, heck, I’d probably be dead by now. Without my Kuya Jan and my bosses and (some) nice officemates, I wouldn’t have been able to jumpstart my work life or even stayed long in that cold, corporate setup (ooh, H2$ reference). Without my parents and cousins funding for my trip, I wouldn’t be able to go to all these wonderful places and experience these wonderful things OR EVEN FREAKING MEET DAN FREAKING RADCLIFFE! Without my friends, I wouldn’t be as sane (if you call this sane, LOL) as I am today (2011 was also a time of great hardship). If you go here and view these two entries, you’d know that my sentiments have not changed. I am still grateful for the same things up until now.

To the people who have always been there: thank you.
To those who made my 2011 miserable: I forgive you.
To the fantastic people I’ve met in 2011: thank you for helping in making this year awesome!
To the people I’m yet to meet: CAN’T WAIT!

And to the Most Wonderful Supporter of all: I lift up all my praise and offer 2012 for the fulfillment of Your plans.


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