Month In Review

September was a good month for adventures. I got the chance to reacquaint myself with the things I enjoy doing — i.e. watching concerts, hanging out with my friends, etc. Believe it or not, I rarely got to do those since I graduated from college. Or okay, fine, since I started working.

Ever since I got a job, my weekends were usually devoted to doing overtimes at work or staying at home, savoring the little time I get for myself. That excludes Harry Potter season, of course, when I found a way to evade weekend work to go on roadshows for the movie.

This will never get old! AND I WILL ALWAYS FIND A WAY! XD

In the 10 months I’ve been working, I only got to truly hang out with my friends maybe, I don’t know, less than 5 times? It’s sad, I know. But I got to make up for lost time last month and I feel really great about it!

Aside from what I’ve posted on my blog, I’ve also had other (mis)adventures like applying for a US visa TWICE in a span of three weeks! I dare not elaborate on that horrible incident. All I can say is that I was granted one on the second try and so I’m *hopefully* going on vacation soon! *does the victory dance*

In those days that I went to the embassy, I drove my butt straight to my alma mater afterwards to meet up with friends. Breaks like those kept me sane (work drove me crazy the last few months). On the first try, I was so devastated, I begged my friends to watch a movie with me. We ended up watching Crazy, Stupid Love. Needless to say, that day ended well (enough). On the second try (THE SUCCESSFUL ONE!), my friend Mathew and I spent a whole day together window shopping, foodtripping, and eventually watching a movie (Zombadings). That day ended REALLY well. 🙂

This is Mathew.

So I’ve been rambling on about how I lost my so-called “social life” because of work. Instead of going on and on about it, I decided to just shut up and do something.

I ended my contract.

Now, I’ve mentioned this before. But at that time, I was still 50/50 about the whole thing. I don’t remember what exactly helped me decide to FINALLY go with it; it just happened and I realized I couldn’t take it back anymore. Just as I was starting to regret my decision, the day of my (second attempt at a) visa renewal came and I got what I wanted and all I could say was, “Wow, God, I took the leap of faith and you made sure I didn’t go down without a parachute.” GOD IS TOO AWESOME.

My contract ended last Thursday, September 29. I thought I was going to be devoid of all emotion but who was I kidding? I love the company, I love my bosses, I love (most of) my officemates. I just disliked the routine… and some other things that have piled up over the past few months (plus the stress that’s had some physical manifestations, indeed). Needless to say, I became my crybaby self again at the end of the day. My heart couldn’t take all the love I got in those last few hours. My boss, especially, kept me in the office for at least an hour more just so we could talk about random things like our pet dogs. I’m really going to miss them. But maybe in the future… when I’ve sorted things out…

My future is still a bit uncertain. I haven’t planned how things would go after this month ends. Hopefully, though, I get the inspiration I need while I’m on vacation. I believe all I need is time to regroup (because weekends are just not enough).

Here’s to hoping the next few months would be as eventful. Claiming it!

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