“Created to be great, you were made for something more.”

Music Month is officially a go!

Last Sunday, I had the wonderful opportunity of watching a private gig of Julianne‘s at LoudBox Studios in Makati.

When I got to the venue, I suddenly switched to Lost Little Girl mode — that was my first time to be in that sort of setup (i.e. small and intimate). I also didn’t know anyone so it was pretty fortunate that when I decided to go in, it was Julianne herself who greeted me at the doorway!

She then introduced me to Marvz and Ruth, fellow fans who also won passes through Facebook.

While waiting for the set to start, we munched on cookies which Julianne baked (!) and relayed our stories on how we got to discover her music. I told them I discovered Julianne back in 2007, when I saw her music video for Grateful on MTV. After that, I bought her CD, shared her music with Pops, and performed Grateful as my piece for that year’s recital. I then went to a few gigs and found that she was so nice and down to earth. And then I got sick and one of her songs, Choose To Believe, became my theme song. And then, just last September, I got to see her again in concert and she was absolutely marvelous in it.

Sound check!

How awesome was her set? I don’t know. How awesome are the Harry Potter books? Yeah. I went there. :))

There’s no denying that when she sings, she always puts her heart and soul into every note. It was absolutely spine-tingling. When she sang Grateful, especially, I had stop myself from crying (’cause I was in the first row and that was just embarrassing). I was so moved by the performance and it brought back so much memories. AND THE LYRICS — I’m stronger than before, I’m stronger than I’ll ever be and I raise my eyes to The One, The One who made me see… — could not be more appropriate.

It was great to have been able to listen to her new songs. She sang one entitled Never Far and it was so raw and personal — so raw, in fact, that not even her parents got to listen to it before she sang it in front of us. I can’t wait for her album! I bet it’s going to be heartwrenching (in a good way).

For the last song, she had this guy, Pogs, jam with her (see last picture above). I was actually all “hmm…” at the start of the song but when it reached the climax, oh gosh, this guy was on FIRE! Definitely someone to look forward to.