I’m alive, alert, awake, enthusiastic!

Hi! I’m just posting to tell you that I’m still alive. I know I haven’t posted anything substantial since my last (emo) post and for that, I apologize. It’s just that I’ve been busy going on different adventures this whole month. (Chos!) 

I can now tell when I’m busy. Aside from my room looking like a complete pigsty…

I also CAN’T BACKLOG ON TUMBLR ANYMORE OMG WHY. LOL. But anyway, here’s a quick recap of things that have happened and maybe stuff to expect in future blogs. 🙂

I went on an impromptu trip to the Queen City of the South along with my mum and dad last November 29. Stayed there for 6 days. Whenever we go there, I just usually take that time to stay in the hotel and lounge about, but this time, my dad decided he wanted to go sightseeing so we did. Whuts. T’was fun. More on that on my next post. 🙂

When I got back to Manila, I saw this package on the counter:

ZOMG I FREAKED OUT. It was the catalogue I requested, all the way from New York! (Anything New York-related makes me jump now, LOL. But also, the catalogue was so pretty! *_*)

Ugh, I so want to study here! Soon, soon.

Anyhoo, the day after, I joined the Chorale Christmas Caroling at my old school. We (alumni) didn’t really have that much parts but it was fun, nonetheless. I loved our rendition of Grown-Up Christmas List. Gave me goosebumps all over!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a video of us singing that song but I do have a video of the kids singing O Holy Night complete with their angklungs. 😀

It was a week of gigs. Saturday of that week, we (Surreli Pops Orchestra) performed at Tiendesitas. We didn’t have much practice then but it was still surprisingly good. I’m just really glad I got to perform again. It’s been a year!

Vocals girls! (incomplete)
PKFC girls! (still incomplete — TAMI, UMUWI KA NA!)

The week after that, I joined my old company’s Christmas party. I was so touched that they invited me. It’s like I was never gone. Aww. :3

That’s Leny in the middle. We like giving people as presents. LOL.
Cute blue baubles at the office.

For the weekend, I (along with other Pops vocalists) performed with a small group of LYO people at The Fort & Greenbelt. It was tiring and money-draining (ehem) but fun and chill, nonetheless.

Trish & I a.k.a The Harang Pokpoks :))

The week before Christmas, I went to Baguio with the fambam (father’s side). I got to go again after 10 years, I’M SO HAPPY!!! Buuuuut that’s a whole different entry altogether. XD

When I got back, I had to do last-minute preparations with Diana for the Pops Christmas party. It wasn’t much, just a simple get-together with scrumptious food and awesome people. I HAD SUCH A BLAST! Thank you to all those who contributed to making this awesome! 😀

Some pics:

Le organizers and the Maestro! 🙂
Half of PKFC!
Vocals (incomplete) + BJ & Kuya O in the back :)) [CHRISTIANS (last two on the right)! I MISSED YOU!]
From the party, I went straight to Nica’s house for our annual tradition on the eve of Gab’s birthday (aka The Eve of Christmas Eve, LOL). Sadly, I didn’t get to take a picture ’cause I arrived late so I’ll just wait for my friends to upload photos. Hee.

By the way, I GOT TO COMPLETE THE DAWN MASSES THIS YEAR! The last time I was able to do so was the Christmas before I got sick. Aww. I feel so accomplished and blessed! 🙂 The last day of Simbang Gabi is always a biatch for me ’cause I always come home from our Eve of Christmas Eve celebration. But it’s all good ’cause I get to sleep until late in the afternoon.

CHRISTMAS DAYS (December 24 – 26) were spent with family! We went to the Ayala Triangle to catch the Christmas Light Show. When we got there, though, the guard told us that the show was cancelled and would resume the next day because the operators were on leave. Sooooo that was a bust.

We went to Bonifacio High Street later that night to meet up with Kuya Alvin and Ate Cindy.
We ate at Italianni’s while waiting for the clock to strike twelve. I have a picture of us there but I think I’ll just post the fam pic we had at Italianni’s (favorite resto?!) Alabang on the 26th, when Kuya Jan and Ate Diane treated us there for lunch.
Finally complete! And what a cheesy background! :))

I had such awesome Christmas loot this year. It could quite possibly trump last year’s iPod Touch + Starbucks planner gift from Kuya Jan. Possibly. Hee.

You know I’m a dork. XD
Le Christmas haul from the fambam! I got three items off my list! Dan Rad to follow! XD
My new fave part of the room (next to my HP collection). Check out the lamp my cousin gave me! :>
I’m this year’s Designated Wrapper. Used magazine pages to wrap stuff. Pweety! 😀

Lastly, yesterday, we celebrated our PKFC (Pops Kite Flying Club — I keep mentioning it but I don’t think I got ’round to explaining, LOL sorry) friend, Mark’s, birthday. We ate at North Park and had coffee (like the hipsters that we try to be, haha) at Cafe Breton. 😀

Phew! Told ya I was busy! I’m going out with friends again later this afternoon. And then again on Friday… maybe. I LOVE THIS SEASON! Everyone’s all nice and cheerful and available! I wish it was Christmas all the time. 🙂 Happy Birthday, Jesus! You are the awesomest!

How was your Christmas (or December)? 🙂

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