Hello, stranger!

(I’m totally saying hello to myself, BTW.)

Hello, hello, hello! How are you all doing?! It’s been a while since my last life update, and this has made me feel quite disconnected and incomplete, to be honest. I know, it sounds a bit pathetic, but you gots tah understand that I pretty much consider this blog as one of my horcruxes. So. Yeah. @_@

Anyway, I am back! In the past month or so of only posting random YouTube videos and reviews and what-have-yous, these awesome things happened:

01. Saw these amazing bunch of people again (my college org friends) after months of not doing so. I missed them so much. The jokes we share will never get old.

Pops Dinner
I ♥ Pops!
Vocals! ♥ (aka Jeric's #1 Fans TROLOLOLOL)
Vocals! ♥ (aka Jeric’s #1 Fans TROLOLOLOL)

02. Had an impromptu wedding gig with the DLSZ Alumni Chorale. Impromptu because I was called to sub only 14 hours before the actual gig. I was all, “Well, what the heck, I desperately want to sing again, anyway,” although I was very much swamped with school work. Haha. But it was all worth it. The day ended fabulously for so many different reasons. Har.

Wedding Gig!

Dianne and I :)
Dianne and I 🙂
The newlyweds! 🙂

03. Received snail mail from one of my awesome friends. Nothing can ever compare to the feeling of receiving messages the old-fashioned way. The longing/surprise involved is just priceless. 🙂

Snail Mail from Piyarwormz

04. Last but DEFINITELY not least, I’ve finally submitted all my requirements for school! Which means I am free! I’ve also passed all my subjects this term (at least that’s what I was told), which pretty much means I’ve already completed my second degree. Woohoohoo! The last term was hell, I should probably stop studying now. Or, like, just learn off iTunes U and Coursera from now on. :))

My portfolio site! Check it out! :D
My portfolio site! Check it out! 😀
Our finale exhibit for Photography class! :D Cinemagraphs, woohoo!
Our final exhibit for Photography class! 😀 Cinemagraphs, woohoo!

I’d like to thank my sponsors: Mother Dearest, for my tuition; Kuya Alvin, for donating to the Send Abby To School Fund a.k.a I’ve spent all my allowance on stupid stuff so please have mercy on me (lolz); Kuya Toffet, for lending me his external hard drive; and Mark, for buying me that 8GB thumb drive when we were in Singapore last July. Couldn’t have gotten through this year without all of you! 😀

Anyway, right now, I’m just enjoying (?) the holidays. Haha. Question mark right there ’cause I actually still have work to do. I was given a freelance job by one of my profs and so far, it’s proven to be quite challenging. But aside from that, I’ve got hangouts with friends and family to look forward to this weekend. I’ve also got seasons 1-5 of Gossip Girl to re-watch, given the recent conclusion of the series. Still can’t get over the fact that *blank* is actually Gossip Girl! SERIOUSLY!!!

Oh, oh, oh! I’ve also been going to Simbang Gabi (dawn mass) the past few days (as I’ve been doing for the past 3 or 4 years). We’re currently on day 6! So many miracles have happened already so far — what they are, I shall reveal soon. 🙂

I hope you’re all doing great so far! Tell me about your holiday plans! I’m still looking for the perfect thing my family and I could do this Christmas. I’m kind of hoping it would involve dressing up ’cause I bought a particularly awesome dress last time I was in New York and I still haven’t gotten the chance to wear it. LOLZ.

The Great Singapore Saga: Teaser

This was a video I made for VIDSTRM class last week. Our activity was on poem interpretation. I already knew about the activity beforehand so I chose a travel poem specifically so I could just take videos while on our trip. 🙂

I wanted to make it better but I already got the raw files jumbled up, some even deleted. I so sad. But yeah, I only made this two hours before deadline. I had already made another one the day before but I decided to change it ’cause the background music was stressing me out. HAHA. So yeah, this was what happened. (I’m really being defensive ’cause I know this isn’t my best work!)

Anyway. Here it is. A teaser of sorts into the trip that was. More to come in the next few days. 🙂

Thank you to my willing talents -slash- travel buddies -slash- beloved Gansa girls for being so game. :))

*** To those who got to watch this 11 hours prior, I am so sorry YouTube destroyed the video! @_@ It’s better now!

Le Harry Potter-y School Works

Hello, my name is Abby and I have a Harry Potter addiction. Ever since I started with my Web Design course, most (if not all) of my works have been about Harry Potter. And my profs are totally okay with it and have even started streamlining their modules to cater to my Potter-y needs. I am a Potthead. I need help. I should totez put up a support group for this. (Oh wait, I already have one!)

Anyway, I’ve already started with the posting of works the other day. The song I used was from the original recording of Daniel Radcliffe’s remake of How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying. 🙂 Yesterday, I finished editing my first activity for video class. Guess what mine was about?

Today, I made these:

Dobby image used from this source. Thank you! 🙂

Golden Snitch image from this source.

My oogly wand. Too lazy to figure out how to make it better. :))

Anyway. That’s it for naooooo. I’m off to Singapore this evening so I won’t be blogging for a while. See you when I get back! Play with Dobby while I’m gone. XD

An extension of Music Monday…

Just because I’m particularly amused with this Flash project I just made. :))

Working on my Emma Watson video now for Video Editing class. Oh gosh, my laptop, Theo, can’t handle this. Playback is so slow. It’s days like these when I wish I had a Mac. *sigh*



NETMARK Learning Journal 3

So that last outburst was an attempt at coming up with an entry with specific keywords (for search engine optimization). Not really sure if I did well, just that I wrote from the heart. What I can say, though, is that it was hard as f—orks! Not only because I didn’t really want to write about that topic and sound so dang negative, but also because it was hard to include all 9 keywords in one entry!

The thing about me is that I blog the way I talk. In a conversation, you don’t really think about what you want to say next, or even more so, you don’t normally think of specific (common) words to insert into your sentence unless it’s a proper noun… or you’re a socially awkward penguin. So that was hard. I can only imagine how my SEO writer friends do it. That’s probably why I can never do their job for a living. I have too much nonsensical words and side comments brewing inside of me that have to be let out, lest I will explode.



Philippine Independence Day?

As an exercise for class, my prof assigned me to write about Independence Day. I was initially reluctant (actually, I still am) to write about it, tempted to just type, “Independence Day? What Independence Day?” and then click Publish. But meh, it doesn’t work that way. And this isn’t Tumblr. So here goes.

Independence Day? What Independence Day?

I think I shall first digress by telling you about two things that happened (and shocked me) during Independence Week. I was supposed to place it under an entry entitled 20th century things/mentalities that I thought (educated) Filipinos have gotten over but apparently have not. Obviously, the title was too long so I scrapped the idea. LOL, no, seriously, I wanted to use that but I only had two examples at that time so again, meh.

Alright, so what were these two things?

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NETMARK Learning Journal 2

Our lesson last Wednesday was on the Digital Marketing Process. To be honest, all those terms and technicalities fried my brain on the spot. You see, I’ve always somewhat considered myself to be good at marketing things. Maybe because I majored in Psychology. Or maybe because I have a brother who’s a Marketing major slash Brand Equity Manager at some reputable company (and who sometimes uses me as guinea pig for his new campaigns). Either way, it’s been sort of second nature to me, so approaching it in this manner was a bit daunting.

Anyway, technicalities aside, I still learned a lot. Like:

  1. Marketing isn’t just bara-bara (rough translation: quick, instant), there’s a special sort of science behind it.  Turns out, I’ve barely even scratched the surface with my past social network pokpok-ations promotions.
  2. The process goes as follows: plan (determine your target), attract (message/ads), engage (keep the ball rolling, yo!), monetize (duh), optimize (improve and track your performance), and manage (keep the ball rolling in an organized manner, yo!).
  3. In digital marketing, the approaches are endless. But that doesn’t mean that  you should rely on online PR alone, because ultimately, you have to make a(n offline) connection with your customers. Nothing can ever beat  real-life interaction (trust me, I’m a Psych major, LOL).
  4. I don’t know chizz about Search Engine Optimization. Sure, I have the plugin and sure, I know the definition, but I don’t know how to do it (like, work with the keywords and stuff). Haha. Poor. But I will soon so pfft!
Aaaaand that’s all for today. To my Marketing major friends who are reading this and thinking, “Haha, WTF is this girl talking about,” I’m sorry. I’m from the College of Liberal Arts. I’m allergic to topics like this. LOL. But I hope I got it right? If not, you’re very much free to tell me off in the comment space provided below. XD

Push and Pull Marketing

Last week, I learned the difference between push and pull marketing. From what I understand, both involve two parties: the marketer and the receiver/consumer. The main difference is that in push marketing, the marketer makes the effort in pushing the information he or she wants to get across, while in pull marketing, it is the consumer that makes the effort in pulling the information he or she requires.

Some examples of push (digital) marketing would be email updates from service providers, newsletters from websites you sign in to, text messages from hiring companies (or maybe your mobile network), ads on social media sites (and those fan pages that force you to click the Like button before getting to the actual content), etc.

Pull marketing, on the other hand, would be any website you visit to get the information you need, like blogs, company websites, and information and streaming media websites. You willingly go to these websites because you need their services; they don’t need you. LOLJK they need you, they just don’t have to promote themselves as much as others do.

The advantage of push marketing is that marketers get to personalize the content before they broadcast it, and when they do, they get to see the fruits of their efforts once statistics come back post-broadcast. The disadvantage would be the regulations they need to follow in making the content. Not to mention, they usually have to alter their content to fit their target market. And even despite these efforts, consumers still have the option to block the content being given to them.

Alternately, with pull marketing, there is no defined target market, so the scope is bigger. The down side of this is that marketers usually can not accurately track statistics, nor can they personalize their content (but then again, they don’t have to since it’s the consumers who come to them).

In my opinion, push marketing would have to be the most effective type, just because without it, there wouldn’t be any pull marketing to begin with. Because, really, you only get to have that pull once you’ve successfully pushed your product to the point that it’s practically a household name. For example, how did YouTube get to be as big as it is now, being the go-to site for searching music videos, songs, and entertainment in general? It didn’t just pop up into people’s brains and become Koko Krunch, it had Google to back it up and advertise it until it became virtually impossible to live without.

Or how about in the case of fashion bloggers? There are SO MANY of them out there! Not all of them are famous, nor do most of them blatantly advertise their blogs, but you need only Google “fashion blog” and visit one of them and instantly be shown a myriad of links to other fashion blogs, (accidentally) giving less popular bloggers additional traffic.

Honestly, though, I think there’s a thin, thin line between these two. Ultimately, it comes down to how brilliant your product is and how much money you’re willing to spend to make sure that other people feel the same way as well. 🙂