FANGIRL FRIDAY: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Us This Weekend

The magical world is abuzz once again! Originally (at least in our part of the world), it was only because of the release of the 15th Anniversary Harry Potter Scholastic Book Covers. But yesterday, OH, YESTERDAY, this announcement was posted on J.K. Rowling’s official Facebook page:

Warner Bros. announced on 12th September 2013 that J.K. Rowling would be making her screenwriting debut with ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’, the first in a new film series which is part of their expanded creative partnership with J.K. Rowling. The films will be inspired by Harry Potter’s Hogwarts textbook of the same name, and will feature the book’s fictitious author, Newt Scamander.

“It all started when Warner Bros. came to me with the suggestion of turning ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ into a film. I thought it was a fun idea, but the idea of seeing Newt Scamander, the supposed author of ‘Fantastic Beasts’, realized by another writer was difficult. Having lived for so long in my fictional universe, I feel very protective of it and I already knew a lot about Newt. As hard-core Harry Potter fans will know, I liked him so much that I even married his grandson, Rolf, to one of my favourite characters from the Harry Potter series, Luna Lovegood.

As I considered Warners’ proposal, an idea took shape that I couldn’t dislodge. That is how I ended up pitching my own idea for a film to Warner Bros.

Although it will be set in the worldwide community of witches and wizards where I was so happy for seventeen years, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ is neither a prequel nor a sequel to the Harry Potter series, but an extension of the wizarding world. The laws and customs of the hidden magical society will be familiar to anyone who has read the Harry Potter books or seen the films, but Newt’s story will start in New York, seventy years before Harry’s gets underway.

I particularly want to thank Kevin Tsujihara of Warner Bros. for his support in this project, which would not have happened without him. I always said that I would only revisit the wizarding world if I had an idea that I was really excited about and this is it.”

So when I read this the first time, and Evanna Lynch’s crazy fangirl tweets — OH MY GOSH HERE ARE SOME OF THEM, BTW:

CRAY, RIGHT? I love her so much! Way to represent, Loony! LOL.


Okay. Recover. Inhale. Exhale. K, I’m good.


Oh wait! Yes! Sunday! Join us at the Manila International Book Fair! We, along with Scholastic and National Bookstore, will be officially launching the 15th Anniversary Covers. 😀 Check the deets below:


There will be games and cake and errthing! #EXCITEMENT

And this post, witches and warlocks, is a preview of what I’m like when I talk about Harry Potter. I’m not even giving my 100% yet. LOL. See me and my Hogwarts Philippines friends go full dork on the 15th. Hihi.

Ahh, indeed, the magic will forever live on. ♥

Happy Blerghday!

Guess who just celebrated her silver anniversary on earth? NOT ME, nuh-uh. *shakes head*

Well, okay, fine. It was me. (Lawl!) Man. I honestly still can’t believe I can legitimately claim quarter-life crisis now. At the same time, I know this is one age I’m never going to forget ’cause it’s a multiple of 5. (I like multiples of 5 ’cause I’m an obsessive-compulsive freak, okay.)

So, Abby, anything exciting happen on your special day? Nope. None at all, TBQH. It actually came to a point that I was sending thank you replies to greeters on Facebook literally SECONDS after they posted them. My parents weren’t home for majority of the day, my brothers don’t live here anymore, and all my friends have jobs. I guess this comes with the territory (and being an introvert bum)? I don’t know. All I know is that I actually had to force myself to get out of the house to go clothes shopping and buy myself birthday ice cream. It was seriously pitiful.

My mom arrived from Guam in the afternoon and reminded me to attend mass. I actually forgot about hearing mass. What a bad child. I wouldn’t even live this long if it weren’t for Him.

Anyway, the priest’s homily that day was so timely. He said something about people who were going through depression and how they felt like they weren’t loved, when in fact God has never ceased to love them. I had tears in my eyes prior to hearing that ’cause I already felt miserable, but as usual, God sent me another wake up call. It’s honestly so amazing how He won’t let a day pass without showing me that life is beautiful and worth living. Hay, Lord, you make me so kilig. Thank You! <3

But yeah. Then and there, I realized, why am I sad? A few hundred people took 5 seconds of their time to greet me a happy birthday! They could have chosen not to, but they did, anyway, because (I’d like to think) they felt I was worth greeting. A few (a.k.a. my best girlfriends ever) even did more than that and actually composed a whole paragraph. This one from R made me cry:


Something funny also happened that afternoon. My oldest brother greeted me a happy birthday for the first time in 25 years! He has never done that (obviously); it’s like an inside joke between us (sibling love at its finest), so you can only imagine my shock when he passed by the house and said, “Eww, happy birthday.” LOL.

I am blessed with the most wonderful support system ever, so I honestly have no reason to be so emo! I realized when I got home from mass that the feeling I had was probably more sorrow over being such a failure than anything. You see, I kind of imagined myself getting my dream job already before reaching this age. I guess the fact that I still hadn’t, and that everyone else was too busy, just made things all blerghy for me. Regrets like if I hadn’t slacked off came hopping through my mind.

But all was well before the day ended. I watched The Lightning Thief (again) for good vibes so… yeah. Still a pretty good birthday. Heh.

I think June 1 was actually my birthday-birthday ’cause that’s when I got to see my friends. I met up with R at MoA. I was supposed to meet the other goosies as well but they apparently had schedule problems. So anyway, R gave me something I will show you later on… In the evening, my PKFC friends went to my house for Pirate Night. We had spaghetti and pizza (c/o my favorite cousin who also came by with little S), and played 2 rounds of Monopoly Deal while pirating (lolwhut). T slept over and we did an impromptu acapella recording:

LOLZ at the dogs howling in the background. We didn’t want to redo it anymore ’cause our vocal chords wanted to go sleepy time already. LOL.

Anyway, now’s the part where I reiterate yet again just how awesome my friends are and how they have a penchant for making people happy. Last year, they surprised me with a birthday harana and good vibes gifts. This year, they actually had a theme in mind: Abby The Traveling Grammar Nazi. Or at least I THINK that was the theme. LOL. But, no, their gifts just proved how much they knew me and that just made me go awwwww. <3

R told me the goose tokens came in 4 parts. Part 1 of 4, from R, was a bag of travel goodies I so adored!

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The First Quarter Blur

Can you believe we’re three months into 2013 already? I sure can’t! Man, has time gone by so fast! Since the start of the year, I’ve only “written” five entries. FIVE. Someone’s obviously been a bad blogger. But anyway, I’ve been trying to get my life back on track recently, so I’m hoping to get more posts out soon. *fingers crossed*

So… the past two months have been cray. Extremely cray, but fun. If I were to categorize the events that have happened, I’d say they were a whirlwind of the following:


At the start of the year, I was commissioned by M to sing for a wedding, along with him, his mom, and his friend, K. It was fun! We rehearsed at the CCP so I felt extremely legit. HAHAHA!

The Wedding Singers

That wedding made me fall in love with Christina Perri’s Thousand Years, despite my aversion to anything Twilight. Hee. This was us rehearsing the song (emphasis on REHEARSING).

Aside from this wedding gig, I’ve also been blessed to work on some web design projects. Hopefully, I would be given more in the future. 🙂 I should probably redo my portfolio soon. Bah.


February has got to be my most favorite month; not because of love, but because of ART (hello, bitter statement! HAHAHA!).


Since February is Arts Month in the Philippines, I made sure to participate in a couple artsy things:

PASINAYA – Which was even more fabulous this time around (although, not necessarily in general), since I was assigned to head one registration booth. Last year, I was the girl who fussed over people walking by and touching artwork they weren’t supposed to touch. This year, my job was way more chill and was practically done in 5 hours tops. The rest of the time, I just went around watching performances by the UST Symphony Orchestra, Philippine Madrigal Singers, and Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra. So hurray! Can’t wait for next year’s Pasinaya. I hope they’ll be bringing in another festival soon ’cause last year’s was kinda fun. 🙂

COLOR IT LOVE – aka DLSZ Chorale’s concert for this year. The alumni sang Maroon 5’s Payphone. It was a really great arrangement. Hopefully we can do another pop song next year. :3

THE MAGIC OF JOHN WILLIAMS – Hogwarts Philippines was approached to participate in ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra’s re-staging of their John Williams concert. It was absolutely fantastic! I gots so much chillzzz. They’re the second Philippine orchestra I’ve heard do Hedwig’s Theme with such crazy precision, so you can only imagine how my heart was doing cartwheels. And the Imperial March? Man, that’s my jam. :))


T and I also met Karylle. She sang Can You Read My Mind in this concert. We stalked her backstage to ask her for a birthday message for J. She was incredibly nice. In return, I helped her fly. LOL.

PPO’S CONCERT – Okay, I’m cheating, this happened last January, not Feb. Watched with T and J. PPO had Dino Decena as guest musician; he was friggin’ amazing!!! He played Astor Piazzolla’s Ave Maria as encore and I basically just sat there, crying. So that’s that. Haha.


Fine. I can’t really escape it, even if I wanted to. The past two months (yes, not just February) were also months for love, platonic and non-platonic alike.


For the platonic part, there were the usual suspects: Pops, the Gansa Girls, and PKFC. 😀

Pops – We’ve started rehearsing again, for something big happening in a few months’ time. 😀 I also got to see the Christians (Christian and Christian Julia) again! We haven’t hung out in over a year, so that was definitely a big thing for me. 🙂

VDay – VDay was spent with T, E, M, and R… and a bit of P and A. LOLWHUT. We had dinner at the Early Bird Breakfast Club in BGC. I might blog about this separately but omg the food was amazing and the interior was to die for. Best VDay ever? Definitely!

Gansa – February was P’s birthday month. For the second weekend of Feb, we had a sleepover at her condo in McKinley. SHE SURPRISED US WITH SO MUCH CUTE STUFF WTH. She basically pimped out the condo with inspirational quotes and rainbows and junk food we could munch on while sharing about our, ehem, love lives, and watching Silver Linings Playbook and Girls. She called it her “You’re Just Awesome” Party. Well, P, you do know you’re the awesomest, right? Haha.

The week after was her actual birthday, and we decided to surprise her by leading her to R’s condo when the clock struck 12, and showering her with silly gifts and rainbow cupcakes and balloons. HA! GOT YOU BACK!

PKFC – We held a Pirate Night at my house last Feb. 1. We basically just dressed up like pirates and exchanged movies and music and random intellectual stories. I LOVE MY FRIENDS. :)) M was also back in town, so we hung out after one rehearsal day. 🙂

PHP – This also falls under this category just because I got to hang out with the nerdy folks of Hogwarts Philippines again. Where else can you find people willing to dress up as characters from the best novel ever? And not just willing, but PROUD? :))

Sponge Cola – I love Sponge Cola, you all know that. Har. And I got to see my friend Y again when they had a gig at a mall in the south. His girlfriend came by to watch as well. Small world story: this was the same weekend as ABS-CBN’s concert. I got to see a certain person practically the whole weekend, without really meaning to. Go figure. :))

Sooooo… what’s left to talk about? Non-platonic love? Oh right… Hmm…

What’s there to tell?

Oh, I got a haircut. So that happened. LOL.

New hair, new me!

How’s 2013 been treating you so far? Good, I hope?

Till the next entry! Au revoir!

2013! And 2012… 11 days too late!

FIRST POST FOR 2013! WOOHOO! And with a new layout to boot! Kinda proud of it. MINIMALISM! Hihi. :> Anyway, sorry it took so long. Not sure if you even noticed my lack of posts (or the fact that my site has been down since January 1), so I guess this is me saying sorry to myself. *self-high five* LOL. (Unless you’ve actually been checking back here the past few days. If so, then, GASP!)

Anyhoo, HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! 😀 I hope you had a great time counting down the seconds to 2013, and I hope you got to spend those seconds with the people closest to you! 🙂 I personally had such an amazing time ushering in the new year, but that’s a story for later. For now, I’d like to first do my usual year-end post. I know the time for year-end posts has already gone stale, but I’m writing this, anyway, for gratitude and closure’s sake (naks!). This was supposed to be accompanied by a 2012 video summary of sorts but my laptop, as usual, decided not to cooperate. So boohoo, Cindy Lou Who.

Let’s start.

2012 was a fantastic year full of blessings, learnings, and opportunities. To be honest, I started the year with no actual clue as to how I was going to tackle it. I had just quit my first job without a solid back-up plan, just the thought of getting rid of all the stressors and going after my passions. And I guess that was what 2012 was all about — PASSION. Passion for travel, passion for the arts, and passion for serving God. It was a good year because it was when I felt most fulfilled in (almost) every aspect of my life. I learned how to discern, decide, and accept whatever came my way. It also helped that I had a Powerful Ally who was there for me every step of the way.

For 2012, I am thankful for the following things:

The Adventures & New Experiences


I still haven’t gotten around to blogging about that completely (and I don’t intend to anymore, even New York)… all I can say is that this was the first time I got to go out of the country with just my friends, and I had the most wonderful time ever! I’m definitely looking forward to traveling far, far away with them again in the near future. 🙂


Like sirs in SG! :>
Like sirs in SG! :>

LA-NYC 2012

After 11 months of pining for New York, I got to go back there again (probably for the last time in the next 5 years, but who cares)! I went with my cousin this time, and although I had to repeat a lot of stuff from last year (for my cousin’s sake), it was still awesome because I was freer this time around — I had control over my finances (UGH, DISNEY & NBC STORES), I knew how to get from Point A to Point B without hesitation (HELLO JASON MRAZ CONCERT IN ROCKEFELLER PLAZA AT 7 IN THE MORNING), I learned how to use the subway, and I got to walk home past 12 AM without anyone looking for me. Chyeah. My aunt just said, “Wow, you’re really a New Yorker now!”, when I got home. LOLZ.

I also got to meet up with my childhood friend (AFTER 13 YEARS), experience New York Fashion Week (oh Lord, it’s crazy), meet up with Mel and Em (back in LA), and SEE EMMA WATSON UP-CLOSE. OMG.

New York never fails to surprise me. 🙂

Just a preview of the trip that was :)
Just a preview of the trip that was 🙂

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PHP-FACine – 10,000 BC – Roland Emmerich – 2008

WARNING: This is a hate post.

So yes. I absolutely hated this movie. I watched it in the cinema the time it came out, with a boy I used to like (this fact may or may not have contributed to the reason why I hated the film, haha). But anyway, I’ve already forgotten 98% of what happened in the film, meaning the plot’s obviously suck-ish and forgettable, and I’m too lazy to research about it.

Okay, fine, I’ll research about it. *runs to Wikipedia*

Oh, wow, even reading about the plot on Wikipedia makes you KNOW it was a horrible movie.

Anyway, from what I remember, these were my EXPECTATIONS:

– That it would be an epic adventure movie.
– That it would persuade me to read up on historical shizz.
– That it would BLOW. MY. MIND.


– It was a failure LOVE story that wasn’t even really a love story due to the overall EPIC FAILURE-NESS of the script. Like in the end, I was all, oh, so was it supposed to be a love story…? Or a journey movie with lots of walking? Maybe the director likes filming long shots. Yeah, let’s go with that.
– It’s a period movie, set 10,000 years before Christ. That’s all. And I know this ’cause the props, make-up, costume, AND title suggested it was so. At least they got that part right?
– Blew my mind, alright! Hear that? That’s the sound of my veins popping from too much stress at how stupid the movie was.

0 out of 5 stars. Nothing more, possibly less. You could have fed starving children with the money you used to produce that movie. Shame on you.