Sydney 2017

So I was listening to Hillsong Young & Free while dressing up to leave for the mall yesterday, and got a sudden burst of inspiration. When I got home, I made this. I guess I edited it after all. LOL.

We went to Sydney last November 12 – 19, 2017, mainly for the first ever Hillsong Worship & Creative Conference. Heard about this on Instagram, and since it has been one of my dreams to attend a Hillsong conference, I thought, why not. This conference caters specifically to church volunteers who work or would like to excel on creative stuff they do that help bring people closer to the Lord, like music, performing arts, design, etc.

It was such a fun experience! Apart from the talks, there were also such things called “co-labs” where we got to learn specific (artsy) things we wanted to learn from the people who work at Hillsong. For me and K, we opted to attend the co-labs on Worship Leading hosted by the members of Hillsong United — specifically, Jonathon Douglass, Jad Gillies, David Ware, Nigel Hendroff, and TAYA SMITH!!! *fangirl squeal*

I could super relate to the things they discussed about worship leading, especially the difficulties and miscommunication between the worship leader and the musical director; or in the case of Serviam, the worship leader and the Praise Ministry. LOL. I super wished my Serviam (Praise) friends were there with us. It was such a good learning experience. That conference was just super inspiring and made me think about how endless the possibilities were if we were all can-do people. We’re already there, we’re just lacking something which I couldn’t quite place.

We met a bunch of people in those 3 days; Cass Langton, Hillsong’s Creative Pastor, made sure we spoke to our seatmates and got to know them for 1 minute. Introverted me hated it so much. LOLJK it was fun. We also talked to a guy during lunch who asked which church we went to. And when we said we attended a Catholic church, his first question was, “Your church allowed you to attend?” It was a funny exchange and learning opportunity for all of us. K and I explained that we served in a Catholic Charismatic Community, wherein we hold praise & worship nights and teachings to supplement the usual Sunday mass/Catholic traditions. And where we sing, surprise surprise, Hillsong songs. He didn’t know there were such Catholic movements in the Philippines and he shared some misconceptions he had about the faith which, at one point, he used to share.

Needless to say, it was a truly eye-opening lunch for all of us. LOL. At the end of our conversation, he prayed for both of us and said that he hoped we would be able to fulfill God’s plan for us in our own community. K and I had goosebumps.

And that, my friends, is where religion ends and peace and the true love of Christ begins. 🙂

Apart from Hillsong, K’s cousin, with whom we stayed with during our short trip, also took us to Blue Mountains. I learned that the reason why it’s called as such is because of the eucalyptus trees that emit oil and make the mountains appear blue when hit by the sun.

Here’s a picture:

Ain’t it quaint?

On our first day, K and I also went to Taronga Zoo and Sydney Opera House, and then had dinner with my Pops friend, Ian. 🙂 We also met up with my aunt on the first day of the Hillsong Conference.

It was a fun week. Super thankful to God for fixing my schedule for me; allowing me to get my New York bid so I could have a long break and jet off to Australia. I had been planning and praying for this since March and I’m so grateful that God heard my prayer. Best of all, I got to spend it with the love of my life. #cheese

Sydney 2018, here we come. 🙂

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