So I can’t log in to my WordPress using my site’s own login page. I don’t really know what happened, as I haven’t been consistent in checking my site. So the bugs could have come up any time during the last few automatic updates. Huhu.

But anyway, I’m glad I got to connect my site to At least I still have access to my precious blog entries. So in case I need to switch web hosts, I can do so anytime.

My current host,, has not been so solid. They have become so freaking unreliable. After getting my money at the start of the year, they went back to not replying to my service/maintenance tickets. The owner is nowhere to be found, unlike back in 2012. WTH HAPPENED, YO.

Currently on the lookout for a new reliable, yet affordable, web host. Please do let me know if you have recommendations. It’s easy to read reviews off the internet but I’d rather get recommendations from actual users who are satisfied with their service. So yeah, please do let me know.

So many stuff I want to blog about, TBH. Glad to know I can do it through here. But learning curve. Wew.

Anyway. See ya.

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