Window Seat Weekly #003

Window Seat Weekly

It has been a good first week of 2017!

So far, I’ve stuck to two of the year’s goals which I remember most: 1) read a chapter of a book each day and 2) write one (or two, or ten) thing(s) I’m thankful for each day on my planner (para naman may use na siya this year).

I’m still currently reading Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm. I don’t know why I put this off for so long, because the book is totally interesting! I guess the size and heaviness of the book just makes it difficult to lug around everywhere I go. (This is what I get for not having the patience to wait for the Philippine paperback edition.)

Anyway, for episode #003 of Window Seat Weekly…



A few days ago, we found out that our college orchestra conductor, Sir Eli, was rushed to the hospital due to gastrointestinal bleeding. He’s more stable now and has been transferred to a better hospital, but recent test results show that there’s something severely wrong with his organs.

Sir Eli is retired and needs help with his medical expenses, so Trish and her friends from work came up with this fundraising activity called #ILoveYouAklat, which is an online book auction.

I hope you could check it out. There are some big titles in there, even some unopened books, being auctioned off for less than their current retail price. Bidding will be until tomorrow, January 8, at 8PM Philippine Standard Time.

Turn your hoarding into helping! LOL. ♥

Broken Vessels

Popoy and I once again came together last week to record another song. This time with the participation of my fiancé, Kevin (rhythm guitar), and our awesome friend, Jeion (violin), who’s currently on vacay from Nippon.

After recording Captain, I swore off covering Taya Smith songs because they’re just so freakin’ hard vocally but… ah well. In 2017: no more Taya Smith songs!!!

Have a listen:

SM Supermalls New Ads

SM Supermalls recently released these mall etiquette videos:

Look at this mall fighting the good fight!!! BRAVO!!!

The first two videos, I feel so strongly about. With the escalator thing, after traveling to different countries, I realized that we’re the only ones (apart from America) who do not have this walk on the left, stand on the right (or vice versa, if you’re in Australia or a specific place in Japan) rule. I’ve always wished there was a rule on this, and apparently they’ve already been practicing it for ages in some parts of the world!!! *flips tables*

Experienced this firsthand with the elevator at SM Southmall: four people (who did not even fall in line, mind you) entered before us and when my parents told them off, they argued that even if we entered, we would still fit anyway. What. THAT. IS. NOT. THE. POINT. The point is you have no class. First of all, YOU DID NOT FALL IN LINE. Second, there were at least four senior citizens, one disabled person, and a whole bunch of other people in line. You would think it’s common sense to not just enter, right? Nope. It’s not. Such rude, much wow.

Anyway. Phew.

I love the tagline, “simple lang“, kasi simple lang naman talaga.

I remember telling my friend, Gio, who works for one of the SM malls, to start the elevator culture in the Philippines. He first said, “Why us? I think it would be best if it started in the MRT.” And I was all, “Not everyone takes the MRT, but everyone goes to SM.” NAKS. SEE WHAT I DID THERE. LOL.

I doubt it was because of my suggestion that SM Supermalls started adapting this culture, but I am still happy because one of my dreams is slowly becoming a reality! (Emphasis on slowly.) Good job, SM! 🙂


My friend posted this link on my timeline today: free printable 2017 Harry Potter calendars!!! Check it out and download!!!

Hermione Granger calendar

Have a happy weekend, fellow wanderers! 😀

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