Window Seat Weekly #001

Window Seat Weekly

Happy Christmas, everybody! I hope you’re currently¬†enjoying the holidays with your family/loved ones! ūüôā

Today, I am starting a new blog series where I’m going to share my weekly pop culture picks and random reflections. This is going to replace my¬†Sunday Soupie series from a year ago (wait, what? THAT WAS A YEAR AGO?!), and going to be kind of like a more broken down version of H.I.T.s. (Ooh, I can already see where the problem is going to be, lol.) It’s also probably always going to be posted on a Saturday, thus the change of name.

A lot of my¬†goals for 2016¬†were knowledge expansion-related, but since I didn’t get to completely finish my goals this¬†year, I’m hoping this will really push me to actually read or discover new music or whatevs. Just hoping to get back to my 2012 self¬†creativity-wise, really. Also hoping to get some recommendations from all y’allz in the future. ūüėÄ



Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy
Behind The Blog by Kryz Uy

I bought this on a whim last week just because it had the word BLOG on the cover and featured Kryz Uy, whose style I have been following online for a few years now.

I enjoyed reading this book, surprisingly. I didn’t really know what to expect as I wasn’t exactly up-to-date on the fact that she had written one. (I rarely check my Feedly nowadays.) There were a few typos here and there, but I¬†really liked how casual the tone was and how easy it was to read. It was basically like reading her blog, but¬†with the addition of anecdotes¬†you wouldn’t usually share online. It’s amusing. And you get to see a side of Kryz that you wouldn’t normally see/read on¬†her blog. Plus, she shares some social media tips! ūüôā

This book has left me inspired, to say the least. ūüôā


I am loving the Moana soundtrack right now, especially these two songs:

You’re Welcome is so witty, I love it so much.¬†How Far I’ll Go, on the other hand, is so inspiring. And I love how the song¬†I Am Moana¬†ties up with that. Huhu.¬†Moana¬†was such a great movie. Disney, y u lyk dis.


I’ve honestly been so into watching the Travis family’s daily vlogs¬†lately.¬†Especially this month, which is #Dancember month. (By the way, they’re like, 25K away from achieving their goal of feeding a whole stadium of kids! Help this cause out by clicking this link!)

Anyway, they’re totally #FamGoals.¬†And I’ve enjoyed watching their Philippine trip vlogs (Judy is Filipina).

The video I super love for this week, though, is from my college friend, Gino.


His dance moves are always legit, but paired with this song, AHHHHH!!!¬†Check it out! ūüėÄ

That’s it for me this week. ūüėÄ Please send me stuff (books/music/videos/whatever) to¬†check out if you can! Thanks! ūüėÄ

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