Day 11: Christmas Blog Series

2016 Christmas Blog Series

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you stick to them?

Yes, I definitely make New Year’s resolutions. Except, since maybe 3 years ago, I’ve decided to start referring to them as GOALS instead of resolutions. By doing this, I feel like I would be more motivated to stick to them, ’cause the word seems more imperative, in a way, as opposed to when I call them resolutions, which denotes that you have the luxury to decide whether you want to resolve them now or later. Does that make sense? LOL.

I’m definitely more proactive when I call them goals, ’cause I actually list down steps on how to reach them. I’d like to think of myself as a goal-getter, so if I fail to do the things I said I would do, I’m basically a loser. And I hate losing.

This year, I’ve accepted that I am a loser. Huhu. These were my goals for 2016:

  • STOP OVERSHARING – I was so bad at blogging this year, I basically nailed this. LOLJK. I’ve done quite well on Facebook too, compared to last year.
  • BE ON TIME – I was on time for most of my engagements this year. But I also did not get to wake up for one of my flights FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 2.5 YEARS so this still needs improvement.
  • EXERCISE AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK – This is, and has always been, a lie. I don’t know why I even continue writing this down every year. (Oh, ’cause it’s important, duh.)
  • PATCH THINGS UP – Nope. I screwed this up even more this year.
  • READ A BOOK PER MONTH – I have read 6 out of 12 books this year, which is definitely a step up compared to last year. I’ve forgotten the titles already. Will definitely list down the books I will read in 2017.
  • RECORD A SONG PER MONTH – I have only done 1. Amazing.

  • LEARN A NEW DISH PER MONTH – Let’s not talk about this, guys.
  • BLOG ONCE A WEEK – This too.
  • EAT HEALTHIER – Did well on this for the first two months, possibly because I really had to ’cause my work skirt was killing me by cutting my circulation. Huhu. Stopped drinking colored drinks and only had dessert once a week. I’ve lost 15 pounds but I’ve also gone back to my sweets habit… buuuuut I haven’t been gaining weight because of the tumor on my knee. THANKS, TUMOR. So yeah, this is partly a fail.

Man, listing this down and showing you just how much of a loser I am is making me feel highly motivated right now.

Will be talking about my 2017 goals next time. I still have to think well and hard about them. I don’t want a repeat of all the years I have failed. Hahahuhu.

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