Sunday Soupie #002

* Late upload due to… jet lag? Yeah, let’s go with that.

I am writing this while on the train to Reading (ooh, #AccidentalPun) since we have quite a lot of time to kill. My friend P and I are going on a day trip to Oxford (finally!) and will hopefully try to make our way back to Central London in time for Hillsong and Catholic mass.

With that paragraph alone, it seems I have already written the A & B for this week’s Soupie, but there is still sooooo much more to this story. So here goes!

(A)chievements & (B)lessings

After much effort in trying to score tickets for Benedict Cumberbatch’s play, Hamlet, I finally got my grubby hands on some return matinee seats yesterday morning. It cost me thrice as much as I would normally pay for a West End ticket, but it was all worth it to see Ben in action.

Inside the Barbican.
Inside the Barbican.

Ben was too brilliant for my life, as well as his co-actors — notably, the ones who played Gertrude, Ophelia, and Polonius.

The play was honestly difficult for me, a Filipino, to comprehend since it was spoken in true form, old English, Shakespearean sonnet, but Ben and the notables spoke and acted their lines out so well that it was easy to process everything and place everything into context.

Gotta be honest, I have no clue about Hamlet‘s plot whatsoever and I think that was a good thing ’cause I entered the theater with zero expectations. It was funny to note how the “to be or not to be” line was delivered. That was the only thing I could relate to Hamlet and it went by in a blink of an eye. Nothing monumental even happened during that part. I wonder why it became so popular. I’ll probably go research on that later. Hihi.

(This part onward was continued after our trip to Oxford. Forgive the slightly screwed-up timeline.)

Anyway, it was a great play and I’m so happy I got to watch it. Thank you, P, for looking out for me and sorry for letting you sit through 2 hours of this for the sake of fangirling. LOL.

Something I saw inside the bathroom stall. Hilarious but true. :)))))
Something I saw inside the bathroom stall. Hilarious but true. :)))))

We hung out by the stage door to hopefully catch a glimpse of Benedict but unfortunately, he didn’t go out to sign autographs as he was going to take a nap in preparation for the gala show happening that same day.

So instead, we went to Leicester Square to have dinner and roam around. We visited M&M’s World. (This was my first time to enter this place, believe it or not!)

Choco-fied Union Jack!
Choco-fied Union Jacks!

Roamed around a bit more, passed by Tottenham Court Road, and at 10 PM, went back to the Barbican. Why? BECAUSE I AM A FANGIRL.


The last show for the day was over, so the cast finally came out to socialize. I didn’t get to have Ben sign my ticket but it was alright. The pushing and shoving was not worth it. I went from the second row to the third. (Man, my ninja skills are getting rusty!) I was content with just being able to breathe the same air as him. Hihi.

Today, as mentioned in the first paragraph, P and I went to Oxford.


This place looks just like Edinburgh!

We mostly took a tour around Oxford University and learned words like “patrician” and the importance of rowing to them Oxfordians.


We also learned about the different colleges and the vast contribution of Oxford Uni to pop culture (i.e. Alice In Wonderland, Harry Potter, etc.) It was fantastic!

Inside this was where they shot the dance lessons for the Yule Ball. :D
Inside this was where they shot the dance lessons for the Yule Ball. 😀
This was where Draco was turned into a ferret!

We had late lunch at a tiny Japanese restaurant in Oxford afterward, then roamed around a bit to see the shops and streets. We didn’t get to reach the castles or the other notable parts of Oxford but I guess I should leave that for another trip. I’m now thinking of buying this book and taking pictures at all the locations listed inside it. I probably will. Hihi.

So yeah, just to recap — this week, I have achieved the following:

  1. Checked “See Benedict Cumberbatch in person” off my bucket list.
  2. Learned how to commute from our hotel to Oxford!

And my blessings:

  1. Got to score tickets to see Hamlet live, after much effort.
  2. Saw the beauty of Oxford — the place that nurtured Emma Watson. ♥
  3. Flew with a nice set of crew!
  4. Safe trip to and from London.


We didn’t get to go attend Hillsong or go to church today, but I’m planning to make up for it tomorrow morning. Although I really wanted to, Catholic mass times at Oxford are scarce and scattered, it’s pretty weird. So much so that the next mass listed near us was 25 minutes away by bus. Even I am not courageous enough to navigate that given the time constraints (the sun was already setting on us).

Anyway, this week, I’ve been pondering on the current state of my relationship with the Lord. It has been said that sin is what separates us from Him. And since I haven’t been the best version of my supposedly Christian self, and have not made time to go to confession, I’ve been ashamed and lacking in my nightly discussions with the Lord. I once again feel so lost and disconnected. I don’t like feeling like this. 🙁


I will find time to go to confession in the coming week, before I leave for another flight. And I plan to get my To Do List done for sure. I’m pretty behind on the Soupie but I’m already happy to be able to upload this and make good on my second week. Gotta do better this coming week. Haha.


Jesus was teaching in a synagogue on the sabbath. And a woman was there who for eighteen years had been crippled by a spirit; she was bent over, completely incapable of standing erect. When Jesus saw her, he called to her and said, “Woman, you are set free of your infirmity.” He laid his hands on her, and she at once stood up straight and glorified God. ~ Luke 13:10-13

Monday’s gospel is so heartwrenchingly apt. I thank the Lord for the reminder that despite all my inequities, I am loved, forgiven, and never forgotten.


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