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Wake Within Me

I have the most random of stories that led to the most random of realizations today, which I feel I need to blog about before I go to sleep.

So this afternoon, I left for church to attend the shepherding seminar something something for my *first official job* as a covenanted member. (Exciting stuff, TBQH.) Anyway, I opted to book a GrabCar ’cause I was already in a hurry. What was interesting was, when I got in, I found that my driver was listening to some pastor preaching about random Christian issues. I saw myself nodding in agreement upon hearing terms like “bitter roots” and so on. I didn’t ask him about his religion until we got to traverse half the stretch of Skyway. First, because I didn’t want a repeat of my previous GrabCar driver and his unnecessary shoving down/hard selling of his chosen religion. Second, because I didn’t want to find myself in a situation where there’s an awkward silence in between dialogues. HAHAHAHA I AM SO BAD AT SMALL TALK. #introversion

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I have found a new vocabulary word to dislike. Basically because once you encounter it, it immediately instills fear in your heart. In my case, upon reading the word on my recent MRI result, my initial reaction was irritation. Irritation because it sounded so conclusive yet, at the same time, vague, since it was preceded by the word “may”.

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Hello From The Other Side

Currently in Los Angeles after having just been here exactly 10 days ago. Apparently, this is how I roll now; a mainstay in Californ-i-a since I got my crew vis-a for the USA.

(K, I’m gonna end that there.)

I haven’t fully recovered from my previous trip yet, despite having flown three domestic flights in between. (I guess that’s the reason.) So this time around, I decided to just relax, stay in the hotel, and do nothing. And by nothing, I mean something productive like resuscitating this gosh darn blog and removing all the bugs that come with its inconsistent curating.

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I discovered a link to this personality test today, when my colleague sent me a link to this Harry Potter article. Interestingly enough, I have never encountered this test in my years as a Psychology student. (Have you?) I took the 300-item test and the results came back as such.

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With an awesome bunch at The War Memorial of Korea during my last Incheon flight. :)

Be Still

… and know that He is God, says Psalm 46:10.

I woke up this morning fully aware of the life I’m living and all the blessings I have received thus far. Until now, I am amazed at how truly loving and generous our God is and I couldn’t help but look back and think what I have done right to deserve all that I am enjoying right now.

Don’t get me wrong; my life is far from perfect. But I realized that all the big dreams and goals I set for myself — ones that needed to happen for my life to change forever — are now realities and items checked off my so-called list. And all these happened because I chose to be still and know that He is God.

Vague? Not quite. My current job and my fiancé are solid proofs of this claim. How? In these two major life decisions, I did not consult anyone but God… and some of His angels.

Still vague. Expounding.

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