It’s my first time to visit Melbourne and the first item on my itinerary was to attend Hillsong service and go to mass. Today’s experience was extra fabulous ’cause I got to spend it with my wonderful co-cabin crew. They just asked me what my plans were and when I told them I wanted to attend Hillsong worship, they immediately said they wanted to go with me! I honestly feel so blessed. This is another first — to outwardly talk about worshipping the Lord and being supported for it (in this setting, at least). Anyway, today’s service dabbled on the […]


STUFF I LOVE: August 2015

Well, now, somebody hasn’t done this for a while. (To be fair, that somebody hasn’t done anything else for a while so… consistent. LOL.) This is going to be brief. And mostly beauty-related. (‘Cause I’m apparently vain like that now.) So I’ve been trying out a couple of beauty products lately to fit my, uhh, “maturing” needs. By that, I mean I’m getting old(er) and I just couldn’t use the same products on my face anymore. Like recently, I’ve found myself letting go of my beloved Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion in place of a more suitable moisturizer aimed at firming the skin […]

The Busy Sheep

Last week was a good week for my spirit. For the first time in a long time, I got to attend all of our church community’s activities. One thing that struck me most was our teaching on Spiritual Foundations/Qualities of A Good Shepherd, wherein Tita L mentioned how we should stop once in a while and take the time to hear God’s message for us. She said something like, “Sometimes, we are such busy sheep that we fail to stop and not just HEAR, but LISTEN to what God wants us to do next; what God wants to happen in our lives.” The […]

Life Update 050515

Cross-posted from Facebook: 2014 MRI: “Anterior mediastinal mass, showing decrease in size and volume (2.16 x 1.26 cm, previously 2.88 x 1.39 cm).” Present MRI: “Follow-up now shows no demonstrable mass lesions particular in the anterior mediastinum.” Read by the same doctor 3 years in a row. When I visited my rad-onco today, he couldn’t see it on the plates either, but said he would check the scans on the computer later on just to make sure. Ayaw maniwala na wala na talaga?! LOL! You know what I think that is, though? GOD’S HAND IN THE SITUATION. Thank you so […]

#BigCFiles: May 29, 2010

Was looking for an old concert video when I stumbled upon this entry I wrote when I was undergoing treatment. I went to the hospital today for my scheduled chemo session. Had my blood tested first and results came back showing my WBC at 2.8. My doctor computed it and for the first time ever, I was not allowed to have my chemo. o_o Oookay. So I cried. Tears of joy, I think. o_o During lunch, I told my mom about how I think I’ve developed a certain anxiety. I noticed that I start feeling a tiny bit nauseous on the […]