Sydney 2017

So I was listening to Hillsong Young & Free while dressing up to leave for the mall yesterday, and got a sudden burst of inspiration. When I got home, I made this. I guess I edited it after all. LOL.

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Let Your Light So Shine

Yesterday was the kind of day I haven’t experienced in a quite a while: one where I was too elated and overwhelmed to keep track of the things that were happening all around me, as they were happening too fast and seemed to be overlapping one another.

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Window Seat Weekly #003

Window Seat Weekly

It has been a good first week of 2017!

So far, I’ve stuck to two of the year’s goals which I remember most: 1) read a chapter of a book each day and 2) write one (or two, or ten) thing(s) I’m thankful for each day on my planner (para naman may use na siya this year).

I’m still currently reading Robert Galbraith’s The Silkworm. I don’t know why I put this off for so long, because the book is totally interesting! I guess the size and heaviness of the book just makes it difficult to lug around everywhere I go. (This is what I get for not having the patience to wait for the Philippine paperback edition.)

Anyway, for episode #003 of Window Seat Weekly…

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Window Seat Weekly #002

This week was kind of a weak week (what) for me in terms of reading and whatever, but only because I’ve been out almost every day of the week, spending time with family and friends and watching Metro Manila Film Festival movies!!!

As I’ve mentioned in my last entry, I’ve already seen Saving Sally and Die Beautiful, which are both incredible works of art. Just the other day, they held the awards night for this year’s festival, and I was so happy to know that the two main characters of Die Beautiful, Paolo Ballesteros (as Trisha) and Christian Bables (as Barbs) had bagged the Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor, respectively.

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December H.I.T.s

Happy Christmas, fellow wanderers!

What a busy month it has been! So many social happenings! No complaints, though, as it’s the only time I get to interact with people nowadays. *cue violins* Hihi.

I’m currently at the mall waiting for time to pass until the screening of Die Beautiful, which is like, an hour away as of writing. I don’t remember ever looking this much forward to watching MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) movies. Yes, plural. Just the other day, I watched Saving Sally with my PKFC friends and gosh was it the bomb dot com. Go watch it when you can. 🙂

Anyway, here are this month’s Happiness Inducing Things!

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